5 Thanksgiving Apps for a Black Friday Dinner

Black Friday Thanksgiving Shopping

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner. And since most of you will spend the evening queuing for Black Friday deals, that means even less time to cook. If you want to have dinner in time for 2pm so you can be in pre-line by 6pm you’re going to need some help. Lucky for you, we’ve collected five of the best apps to help you prepare Thanksgiving dinner in a hurry. 

The Epicurious App (iPhone, iPad, Android, Nook Color, Windows, Kindle, Free)


The Epicurious App

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Just because you rushed through Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t mean it can’t be awesome. The Epicurious app has all of those difficult to pull-off recipes that show your relatives whose the best at Thanksgiving dinner once and for all.

Plus, they’ve got awesome shopping list guides that help you pull off time-shaving sting operations at the grocery store. Once you’re in and out in record speeds, just follow the timed directions to pull off a spectacular dinner in no time flat.



The CHOW Thanksgiving Dinner Coach App (iOS, Free)


The CHOW Thanksgiving App

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If you’ve never been to CHOW.com, you’re missing out. It’s like Red Tube for foodies. And it’s also great for beginner cooks. This year they’re featuring the CHOW Thanksgiving Dinner Coach app that’s designed to walk you through all the prep work and cooking involved in a Thanksgiving meal.

The instructions are ridiculously simple and there’s even a pre-loaded Thanksgiving menu. Just open the app and follow the instructions and you’ll have a Thanksgiving meal in no time. And since you won’t have to waste any time thinking, you’ll be on time for the Black Friday lines.


The AllRecipes.com Dinner Spinner App (Android, iOS, free)


The All Recipes Dinner Spinner App

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If you do Black Friday the right way, you won’t just be rushed on Thanksgiving Day, you’ll be broke. The All Recipes Dinner Spinner App helps you navigate a limited budget by letting you search for recipes by ingredients. This way, you can spin recipes (with plenty of user reviews) out of what you already have or what’s on sale at the store.

Upgrade to the $2.99 version for advance searches by dietary restrictions, cooking times and more. Can’t spare the change? Check out Dr. Gullo’s diet-friendly holiday desserts to shave a few calories off of the Thanksgiving meal.

The FOOD52 Hotline App (iPhone, Free)


The Food52 Hotline App

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We don’t want you to take this the wrong way. We’re sure you’re a great cook and rushing through a Thanksgiving dinner will be less than any problem for you. But just in case, we thought we’d throw in the FOOD52 Hotline App.

This helpful app lets you reach out to other users in a panic when something goes wrong with one of your dinners. The response is pretty instantaneous and can help you with anything from missing ingredients, a little burn, too much salt or anything else that could potentially ruin a dinner. Not that you need it.

The Red Stamp App (iOS, Free)


The Red Stamp App

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No one will suspect that your Thanksgiving dinner was thrown together at the last minute if it’s preceded by fancy invites. The Red Stamp App will let you disguise spray cheese on crackers as Apps du Fromage and after dinner rum and Cokes as Sparkling Appertifs. For Android owners, try the Greeting Card Maker App.


With a little help from these apps, you’ll be ready to get out of the door and into the lines. But while you’re rushing, don’t forget to take some time out to say “thank you” to everyone you’re grateful for. Trouble finding the words? Check out these creative ways to say it.