The MG: The World’s First Android Gaming Console

The Android Console Phone

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There’s an interesting twist happening in gaming history right now. Thanks to the ingenuity of app developers and the fun that can be had with a touch screen, app games are quickly growing in popularity.

They’re so popular that companies like Nintendo are developing tablet-like accessories for their consoles to keep the tide of customers from fleeing to app games. But one company is giving even the Nintendo giant a run for its money by offering the world’s first Android gaming phone. 

As it turns out, a lot of us buy phones and tablets for the apps that they give us access to. And by and large peoples’ favorite apps are gaming apps. If you have a smartphone or tablet, that’s not really a surprise.

App games are tons of fun. And there’s one for every type of gamer. Want to mindlessly fill up down time? Angry Birds and Draw Something are perfect and can be enjoyed even on phones and tablets with no screen resolutions.

For more serious gamers and HD+ screen resolution fanatics, there are glossy high-graphic games like Infinity Blade and Razor Salvation that offer console-like gaming experiences on the go.

Until now, the OS that catered most to gaming phone and tablet users was the Windows Phone. Windows Phone 8 comes with Smart Glass and Xbox Live which tie your phone or tablet into your Xbox and TV in really dynamic ways. But they work best if you already have an Xbox console.

PlayMG is changing all that by freeing game lovers from their console, tablet and phone with a pure Android app gaming experience. It’s called the MG and it’s the first pocket Wi-Fi based Android app gaming system on the market.


Android Handheld Gaming Console

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Why would you want all of the app gaming experience without the phone? If you’re a parent you might. Parents love opening new phones and tablets on Christmas morning as much as kids do. And no one wants to share their new toys with sticky, curious fingers no matter how much they love the children that own them.

And the MG phone is a great way to distract your kids from your $600 tablet. It can be had for $150 on Amazon and you can hand it over so your kids can enjoy all of the games that they love to play on your phone. They can customize it to reflect their personalities and play the MG Origins Avatar System which tells the story of their Android avatar and lets them unlock points and perks by playing games.

Without access to a web browser, they can play safely without accidentally downloading virus, accepting funding requests for Nigerian princes and any other craziness that little fingers find it surprisingly easy to get into.

And the MG comes with a Family Collaboration system. This allows parents to put a certain amount of money on the MG for spending on games. Through it, kids can search for and buy apps that they like without full access to their parents’ credit card accounts.


The MG Android Gaming Phone

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But at well under $200 (and with 8GB of on-board storage) I imagine that kids aren’t the only ones who will be interested in the MG. To sweeten the deal, MG is pre-loaded with tons of games like NBA Jam, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, Homerun Battle 2, Tower Defense, Derby Days and more.

This makes a great gift for adults whose gaming addiction eats up their phones’ storage or kids who won’t stop touching their parents’ devices. And it’s here right in time for the holiday shopping craze. If you pick one up, drop us a line in the comments and let us know how you like it.