What’s Upset, Avian and from a Galaxy Far, Far Away?

Angry Birds Star Wars App

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Rovio is full of pleasant surprises. Deliciously addictive Bad Piggies just hit devices a few weeks ago and Rovio’s already at it again.

This latest version of Angry Birds is the most exciting to date. But what’s really exciting is that this upgrade is more than just a skin. There are more levels, different game dynamics and great costumes that make this the best gaming experience so far.


It’s Angry Birds Star Wars and it just hit the market a few hours ago.

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… a group of desperate rebel birds faced off against a galactic menace: the Empire’s evil Pigtroopers!”

And it’s a pretty big Star Wars nerd fest. Everything has been skinned to mimic the best trilogy ever made. The pigs are all classic Star Wars baddies. You can destroy Tusken Raider pigs, Imperial pigs and more.

Game dynamics have been Star Wars-ified too. There are laser turrets, lightsabers and Blasters. You can even use your Jedi powers (and the dark side of the force) to help your Angry Birds to victory.

Plus, you can train individual Angry Birds to hone their skills. The more you play, the better they get at destroying the various nefarious piggies that they do battle against. Not that you really need an excuse to log more hours on Angry Birds.

The locations are going to be some of the best perks for Star Wars fans. This new version of Angry Birds has over 80 levels. And each of these levels takes place on an iconic Star Wars location. You start on with a little action on Luke Skywalker’s home of Tatooine and then you move on to the Pig Star for full-on battle.

You can even take on the “Path of the Jedi” if you buy it in-app. It’s a training/challenge level that allows you to hone your skills. There are 40 levels and special training with Yoda.

The Angry Birds Star Wars app is available absolutely everywhere which is a great sign that there’s real growth in the OS market.  There’s a free and a $2.99 version of the game at the Google Play Store.

At the App Store, it’s $.99 for the iPhone and iPod Touch and $2.99 for the iPad. Kindle Fire has it for $2.99. You can even get it for your Windows Phone, Mac or Windows PC.


Death Star Angry Birds Star Wars

Image Source: Play.google.com


And there’s more off-game interaction than ever. Tweet using #AngryBirdsStarWars today and you’re automatically eligible for receiving prizes from Rovio. Need more interaction? There’s an Angry Birds Star Wars Google Hangout on Wednesday nights.

We’re so excited about the Angry Birds Star Wars app that we’re going to go play it right now. And we think that you should do the same. Leave us a note in the comics to let us know what you love and hate about the game and your favorite bird to play.