The Definitive Nokia 920 Review Collection: What Everyone is Saying

The Nokial Lumia 920

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We’ve been anticipating the Nokia Lumia 920 for quite some time. And now that it’s here and Windows Phone 8 is fully launched, we wondered what the blogosphere had to say. So we’ve scoured the internet to bring you a better picture of what people are really saying about the Nokia Lumia 920. 


Wireless Charging is Cool

Everyone agrees that wireless charging is really cool, even if its not technically wireless (you have to plug the wireless charger in). But the technology is still new and in light of that the bugs are pretty minuscule.

The charging time you receive from the wireless charger, for example, seems to depend on the unit. Cnet’s and WIRED’s reviewers used Fatboy chargers and seemed pretty impressed. Engadget’s reviewers used another Qi contact-less charger and found that charging the Nokia Lumia 920’w 2000mAh battery took much longer than wall charging.

But slow, or fast, dropping your Nokia on a surface instead of plugging it in makes you feel like you’re riding the wave of the future. And, as Cnet points out, Nokia has seeded wireless charging pads in Virgin Atlantic lounges and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf shops to give you more charging mobility.


The Display is Unparalleled

The 920’s reviewers can’t seem to decide which they love more: the “Better than HD” viewing or the screen responsiveness. In their defense, both are pretty impressive. The Nokia Lumia 920’s screen is so sensitive that you can use it while you have gloves on. Or, if you’re feeling particularly faithful in the durability of its Gorilla Glass, you can try navigating with nails and pins like Cnet’s reviewers did.


The Nokia Lumia 920's Wireless Charger

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For a less invasive test, just turn the 920’s 4.5-inch 1280×768 IPS PureMotion HD+ display on. WIRED’s reviewer called it one of the best display’s she’s ever seen even if its whites seem a bit yellow.

If you really want to be wowed, take the 920 outside. It has some of the best bright-light viewing available thanks to an engine that automatically brightens the screen when the surrounding light intensity increases.

Then just take it through its paces. Thanks to a powerful 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 processor, the handset makes light work of heavy apps, content-heavy websites and graphics-dense games. But, as Cnet’s reviewer points out, you exchange power for battery life. With heavy use, you can get as little as 10 hours of use out of a single charge.


The Camera is Up to Nokia Standards

This isn’t the first time Nokia has tried to sell a phone camera first. And it’s investment in the 8.7MP onboard camera seems to be paying off this time too. Everyone who’s used the camera seems floored by its ability to take pictures in a variety of conditions but it really shows off its specs with its low-light photography which is even better than the iPhone 5’s.

But there’s always room for nit-pickery. WIRED’s reviewer found the low-light photography too good. Apparently, she sometimes likes her photos too look like they were taken in poor lighting and the 920 ruined the effect with its bright lighting.

But if you can get past that minor hiccup, you’ll love the sharpness of the images, the impeccable image stabilization and the host of cool add-ons like the GIF maker, burst shot and panorama functions.


Everyone Makes Cracks About Its Weight

Everyone. Any review you read about the Nokia Lumia 920 is full of little euphemisms like “the Lumia 920 could do some serious damage if you were to catch it in the jaw” or “Nokia has crafted one substantial smartphone” or “the Lumia is big and chunky and not shy about it”.

That last one wasn’t even a euphemism. In all fairness, the 920 is 6.5oz. But that’s only 2.5oz heavier than the iPhone. But unlike the iPhone, the 920 has a 4.5-inch screen, NFC and plenty of other heavy tech. Sure it’s too large to fit in most back pockets but that doesn’t mean you have to make jokes about its weight.


Holding the Nokia Lumia 920

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All in all, the review-o-sphere seems to love the Nokia Lumia 920. But the jury is still out on whether customers will. Those willing to take a chance on a Windows Phone will find themselves pleasantly surprised.

Android and iOS aficionados may find it hard to make the OS switch even if they’ll miss out on a few great specs that you just can’t find in the Samsung Galaxy S3 or the iPhone 5. For other Windows Phones, check out our unlocked Windows Phone collection at GSMNation.