A New Phone App Will Reach Into Your Brain and Plug You Into the Hive Mind

A Virtual Neural Network

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Developers have actually been working on this for quite some time. Integrated apps like Google Now monitor your shopping, browsing and commuting habits. Then they use that information to predict your behavior or “read your mind”. But there’s a new AI engine app from Kimera that’s working on taking that intuition several steps further.

Their goal is to create an AI that has a better understanding of what you do and exactly why you do it. If they succeed, your phone will be an extension of your thinking process and give you access to much more.

To do that, Kimera will use “smart agents”. These smart agents will have access to all aspects of your phone. So, for example, if you send out a mass text for drinks at your place Kimera will read your mind and predict your next behavior. When you leave the house, for example, it will use GPS to key in that you’re going to the grocery store and then the liquor store. So, in theory, it will suggest shopping apps for big savings. Once you get home, it may suggest drinking games or the number to a local cab company to make sure everyone gets home OK.

There are a few apps like Google Now, Maluuba, Siri and Nina that have made big steps toward creating AI on your phone. But Kimera wants to go further by plugging all of these different artificial intelligences together.

Through Kimera’s AI, you will build a user account called DigitalMe. DigitalMe will be your personal hub. It will contain your habits, records, business activities, favorite stores and all the other information accessible through the internet.


The Kimera Filters Filters Factory

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This complete online picture will be able to interact with other DigitalMe hubs. Ideally, you’d be able to find like-minded people, companies you may like to interact with or services that could make your life a little easier.

DigitalMes will be available for everyone: not just people but businesses, locations, objects and ideas. And we’ll all connect through our DigitalMes. For example, if you’re in love with a celebrity, your DigitalMe will put you in touch with stores selling their movies, fan clubs, the stores he likes to frequent or even the parks he likes to visit.

Or, when you visit the doctor, the DigitalMe on your phone will communicate. He’ll immediately have access to your records and you’ll see his patient reviews. And it will all happen through a Salience Engine that is designed to work like the neural networks in our brains.

The Salience Engine treats each individual DigitalMe account as a neuron. It then tries to link related neurons in the network much like your brain links facts to create a larger body of information. It will use what it’s learned from the behavior of all of the DigitalMes and their connections to learn more about the world and the behavior of individuals to better read minds and predict behavior and desired outcomes.

Sometimes, when I write about the next generation of Artificial Intelligence, I feel like I’m the voice over in the little-did-they-know opening scene of a movie about the robot apocalypse. Where it all seemed like such a good idea because humans won’t be satisfied until the robots take over.


The Borg Hive Mind

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But until the end of humanity comes, I’m going to just be excited. Kimera has the potential to broaden our definition of smartphone. Eventually it could predict and treat mental and physical illnesses even before doctors or drastically reduce prices as everyone is more intune to savings. There are so many exciting prospects that its hard to wait for the future.

But we shouldn’t have to wait now. Currently, Kimera has a thriving Kickstarter account that’s well on its way to raising its requisite $300,000 by November 18th. Once they make their goal, the will release their AI software package to app developers, wireless carriers and phone manufacturers. After that happens, it will be just a matter of time until the Cylons are here.