The New Sailfish Could Be the Future of Phone OS’

Jolla MeeGo Sailfish

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Right now, Apple, Android are the two primary OS (Operating Systems)’ used in smart phones today. But there’s an exciting new phone OS quickly coming down the pipeline.  It’s called Sailfish and it’s an open platform OS that offers the flexibility, customizability and freedom from patent lawsuits that customers and carriers have been looking for.


If you haven’t heard of Jolla, their history is pretty interesting. The founding members of the Finnish startup all started as Nokia employees working on Nokia’s once-beloved MeeGo OS.

But as Nokia started to go under in the last quarter of 2011, they made a controversial decision to scrap their primary OS for Microsoft’s Windows Phone in an attempt to turn the company around. Shortly after that announcement, Mee-Go development team-lead Sotiris Makyrgiannis and several of his team members abandoned Nokia’s sinking ship and founded Jolla.

Now Jolla is trying to revive Nokia’s discarded MeeGo OS through Sailfish, MeeGo’s most recent iteration. And this unique, customizable OS has the potential to overtake both Apple and Android because it offers so much that the other two OS’ just can’t.


Sotiris Makyrgiannis Leaves Nokia

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One of the best parts of the Sailfish OS is it’s malleability. Unlike Android and Apple’s OS, Mee-Go Sailfish OS can be used on any platform. So, for example, If you like Sailfish, you’ll be able to use it on your tablet, television and computer as well as your phone.

Designers enjoy that flexibility too. With Android and Apple, developers are restricted to offering their services through apps that largely act independently of the phone’s other functions. But with Sailfish, developers like banks or social media companies will be able to use their apps to interact with your phone, its GPS and UI to offer you more services than ever before.

It’s one of the reasons why Jolla has so much confidence in its Sailfish OS even in a climate where most phone owners prefer Android or Apple. Wireless carriers should snap it up because they can brand and customize the phone’s UI and offer more carrier services through Sailfish’s apps.


Jolla's New Sailfish OS

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Plus, carriers don’t have to worry about the litigation that plagues Android and Apple OS’ rendering one of their phones unsaleable because it’s found to infringe on the day’s new patent ruling. Sailfish is a unique OS that doesn’t resemble either of the OS’ running on the two litigious giants.

Jolla plans to announce Sailfish at the Slush conference in Helsinki this November. But you’ll have to wait until 2013 for Jolla to start releasing phones.