How Cool Is This Coke Powered Phone?

Pouring a Glass of Coke

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Coca-Cola has consistently dabbled with the cutting edge of product design. But now there’s a new product on the market that makes coke cool for an entirely different reason: it runs on coke and gives flat soda new purpose.

This new concept phone doesn’t have a name yet but it’s the brain child of product designer Daizi Zheng. And it could be an important first step to reducing the waste and cost associated with phones.


A Coke Powered Phone

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How It Works

Zheng’s prototype phone is a cylindrical tube lined with a special chemical board. This chemical board is designed to absorb sugar and carbohydrates and turn them into electrical current. Essentially it works on the same principles as our bodies: sugar goes in, energy goes out.


Pouring Coke Into a Phone

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Except this phone’s final byproduct is talk time not diabetes. And it’s much healthier for the environment. Each of the batteries are fully biodegradable unlike traditional lithium ion batteries. And on a single coke charge, they can last three to four times longer than what’s in traditional phones.

Once the sugar is used up, simply pour the coke out, rinse out the battery cavity with tap water and re-fill it. But we don’t recommend drinking the leftover coke. It’s perfectly clean and biodegradable but all of the carbs and sugar are gone so it’s not going to taste very good.

“What if I don’t Like Coke?”

Zheng’s new phone will run on any sugary drink that you put inside it. In fact, the more sugar the better the battery works. Mountain Dew, Sprite and Kool-Aid are all viable candidates.

But while Coke is certainly a headline-grabbing beverage, Zheng had more eco-friendly beverages in mind for his product. Packaged sodas leave behind a pretty significant carbon footprint once they’re manufactured, packaged and shipped to your local grocery store.

For an even greener product, Zheng recommends using plain sugar-water. Just add sugar to water until no more sugar will dissolve and then pour it right into the phone. It won’t get rid of all that flat Coke you have lying around but it’s cheaper and better for the environment.


Coke in the Phone

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According to Zheng’s website, he made this coke powered phone for Nokia. But as of this moment, Zheng’s innovative and green phone is still only a prototype. However, we might not have long to wait.

Even if Nokia doesn’t bite we see a healthy Kickstarter page in Zheng’s future. Especially if the final product can deliver smart phone functionality without requiring too much extra room for liquid. After all, who wouldn’t want a phone that lasts four times as long and runs on something that we were just going to throw away anyway?