How to Make the Google Play Store Updates Work for You


The Google Play Store

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Google released the Google Play Store version 3.9.16 update last Thursday. But Google is notoriously bad at rolling out updates. And because they’re even worse at informing customers, most of us didn’t know that the release even happened. So here’s what you need to know about the update and how it will make Google Play a lot more fun to browse.

Install It

You’d think that Google would automatically roll out the Google Play store updates right to your phone. But most of you are going to have to download it yourself. Lucky for you, we’ve got download links here and here. Just click, download and install.

Delete, Delete

One of the best new updates in the Google Play Store is the ability to delete apps that you don’t want to show up in searches. When I first got the update, I spent 30 minutes or so deleting apps I was sure I didn’t want. You can tap and delete them individually or long press to select and delete entire lists.

Now when I perform searches, there’s much less to go through and I can get to the good stuff before I get bored. Unfortunately, you can no longer filter for apps that you’ve already purchased. And when you’re a serial app downloader like I am, you’ll find yourself accidentally downloading and paying for an app you hate twice.


Deleting Apps in Google Play

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Explore Apps Without Fear

My least favorite thing about browsing the Google Play Store is when I go to investigate an app then head back to my list to find out that I have to start from the top and scroll down to find my place again.

Google must have heard me cursing from my living room couch, because they fixed that problem with their new update. Now when you investigate an app and return to your list, Google Play remembers your position and returns you right to your spot in the list. It literally shaves seconds off of your app browsing time.

Get Jelly Bean (Android 4.1)

One of the great things about the new Google Play Store update for Android is the improved notifications. Now when Google Play alerts you to updates, the actual app icons appear in the notification bar.


Shop Google Play

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It’s not a mind-blowing update, but it does lend Android a more polished look. But to get this particular update, you’ll have to have Jelly Bean. You can either purchase a new Android like the Samsung Galaxy S3 that comes installed with Jelly Bean. Or, you can wait on your Android to get the update (but we wouldn’t recommend holding your breath).

The new Google Play update is definitely worth the download. The changes aren’t major, but they’re designed to make the experience more enjoyable. And they really do. Now you can waste twice the time in the Google Play store browsing apps before you finally get bored and decide to do something productive.