3 Game-Changing BlackBerry Aristo Specs that Will Make You Want BB 10

The Blackberry Aristo

Image Source: Tecnolatino.com


Never before has one company’s future been tied so securely to a single handset. It’s the Blackberry Aristo and its creators are painfully aware of how important it is.

Its name means “the best” and it’s packed so full of specs that reviewing it was like reading a page from every Android lover’s secret wish list. In fact, it’s so good that it may even bring some Blackberry lovers back to the fold. Here are a few reasons why.

The Quad-Core Processor

We were surprised to hear it too. The Blackberry Aristo will run on a beast of a 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Krait quad core processor with access to 2GB of RAM. With this kind of processor, it stands to give even gaming phones a run for their money.

The 4.65-inch Display

Did your jaw drop a little after reading that? ‘Cause ours did. That is a monster of a screen at a size that makes me smile on the inside every time I read it. And packed into that AMOLED display is 1280x720p at the 16:9 aspect ratio that we’ve all been waiting for. For anyone who likes to watch widescreen HD movies or play graphics-heavy games during their lunch break, this phone is going to make that experience exponentially better.

The 80GB of Storage

No, that’s not a typo. Each Blackberry Aristo will come with 16GB of built-in storage. You can upgrade that via a microSD card and add up to 64GB more. That’s a lot of room for apps, music and HD movies which makes the Aristo better suited than most to act as a secondary storage device.


Blackberry 10

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The word isn’t out yet on how much the Blackberry Aristo will cost. And certainly part of Blackberry’s new flagship phone’s future will rely on its price. But with these specs, the Blackberry Aristo promises to be the best 3G/4G LTE handset available at T-Mobile or AT&T where its scheduled to release. And that means that Blackberry can ask for a lot and still give something in return that neither Apple nor Android can offer.

But price won’t be Blackberry’s only road block. While businessmen and BBM networkers may still pine for Blackberry’s intuitive OS, they may have been spoiled by other app stores in the interim. It will be hard to leave Apple or Android’s 600,000+ apps to come to the Blackberry market.


The Arista's Display

Image Source: Berryreview.com


However, if that’s your only reservation, we say go ahead and buy. Blackberry has been making serious strides toward creating a dynamic marketplace full of exciting, fully-integrated apps that you can’t find with Windows, Apple or Android.  It may take a year or so’s patience, but we think that Blackberry users will eventually be well rewarded.

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