Heavy Shutter Finger: The Instagram Transmitted Disease That’s Sweeping the Nation

A Heavy Shutter Finger Sufferer

Image Source: Buzzfeed


This is the picture of an epidemic. Every year millions of Americans succumb to Heavy Shutter Finger (HFM). If you or someone you love (probably you) suffers from this pernicious Instagram related disease, you’ll be glad to hear that there’s hope. And that hope comes from Design to Matter, a California company working through Kickstarter that will give better quality of life to millions of sufferers.

The Symptoms

The symptoms of HSF are notoriously hard to detect. It starts innocently enough: a few Sepia self-portraits, an Instagram account you’re “just trying out.” And soon your social media accounts are flooded, your Facebook profile album makes you look like a raging narcissist and you’re wasting hours a day scrolling through Instagram albums of people you don’t even know.

Don’t think you’re affected? Try our nifty quiz:


1. Ever Instigated a Hostage Situation?

Look At My Phone!

Image Source: Kevinmchale-news.tumblr.com

Have you ever forced friends or family members to watch you flip through the thousands of photos in your Instagram account? They may say they don’t mind but this is not the face of consent.


2. Are You a Meal Time Offender?

A Meal Time Offence

Image Source: Buzzfeed

Shh…there’s no excuse.


3. Are You Guilty of TMI?

Jail Bird

Image Source: Buzzfeed

The internet does not need to know about your extracurricular activities.


4. Are There More Pictures of You on the Web Than of Most Celebrities?

More Self Shots

Image Source: Buzzfeed

You’re not famous and we don’t care.


The Instacube

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions. Don’t panic. You’re not suffering alone and there’s help.


The Instacube

Image Source: Appadvice.com


There’s no cure for HSF. But there is help for one of it’s primary symptoms: the photo overshare. Design to Matter developed Instacube to keep HSF sufferers from comiting the social faux pas that can alienate friends and family.

The Instacube is a 7.5-inch digital frame that streams live photos from your phone. As soon as you take a picture, you can send it to it’s 6.5-inch 600×600 LCD screen. You can create feeds, scroll through them via the Instacube, search hashtags and “like” photos.

Currently the California company has procured $200,000 of it’s $250,000 goal with almost 30 days to go. And if things continue to go as planned, the HSF sufferers in your life will be able to by one in March of 2013.

By giving HSF sufferers a place to store their photos somewhere other than Instagram, Design to Matter hopes to prevent them from harassing friends and family, annoying acquaintances and clogging the internet with all of their inane, senseless photography. Send one to someone you love to help them get their friends, family and life back.

And for those of you who don’t suffer from Instagram related HSF (or aren’t ready to admit it). It might also be a fun way to keep real-time in touch with friends, family and loved ones while you’re away.Or it could be the dangerous gateway drug that gives you full-blown HSF in a matter of days. Either way it should be fun.