The LG Connect 4G Review: The Fastest Connection on Earth

The LG Connect's Different Views

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The LG Connect 4G’s biggest selling point is that it’s available via MetroPCS, home of the fastest, cheapest connections on earth. But the LG Connect 4G has more to offer than speed. The LG Connect 4G review will let us play The Good, The Bad, The Verdict to see what else is inside.

The Good

Connectivity: We’ll cut right to the chase. At MetroPCS (read more about them here), via the brand new Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) connection, the LG Connect 4G reaches record setting speeds, HD voice clarity and the fastest connection speeds at lower prices than you’ll find anywhere else.

Currently, MetroPCS is the only provider in the US to offer VoLTE speeds. If a cheap, fast connection is what you’re looking for then this is the only phone in the western hemisphere that will get it for you.
The Display: The LG Connect 4G sports a beautiful 4-inch IPS LCD screen that is just as colorful as the iPhone 4S’ and considerably brighter. It performs better than most phones in bright sunlight and supports wide viewing angles.

In short, it’s one of the best displays available today. And only tech nerds will notice that it’s text and lines appear slightly less sharp than the iPhone 4s’.

The Processor: The LG Connect 4G runs on a dual-core 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. And as far as we know, this is the only dual-core processor available on a contract-free carrier like MetroPCS. And in terms of speed, it outstrips single-core processor phones by a wide margin.

Graphics-heavy games play smoothly, large apps open with no delay and internet browsing is without hiccups. HD video plays flawlessly and you’ll have plenty of space to tuck away downloads with 1.75GB of internal storage and the option to upgrade to up to 64GB more with the microSD slot.


The Connect's Screen

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The Bad

Connectivity: You’re not seeing double. The LG Connect 4G’s connectivity really belongs in both columns. Here’s why: if you sign with MetroPCS and have access to the VoLTE or 4G LTE network, you’ll get the fastest speeds available.

If those services aren’t available in you’re area, you’re stuck with 2G connection speeds. That’s super slow. Check to see what coverage is available in your area before you make a commitment.

The OS: The LG Connect 4G runs on Gingerbread (Android 2.3.6). And there’s no Ice Cream Sandwich (much less Jelly Bean) on the horizon. We wouldn’t specifically complain about the OS — there’s nothing inherently wrong with Gingerbread — but this is a phone that’s major selling point is speed and high tech connections.

Most users that want the best speeds also want the best phone tech. When you’re stuck operating with old-school Gingerbread you opt out of voice commands, no Google Now, no Nina or any of the other cool perks that come with the brand new Androids.

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The Verdict

If speed is what you’re looking for, this LG Connect 4G review will probably already head you to MetroPCS to pick up the LG Connect 4G. But this phone has a lot more to offer. The screen and processor are powerful and despite an older OS and middling 5MP camera, it’s still a great deal for the $319 contract-free price and the unbelievably cheap data plans available from MetroPCS.