5 Fabulous Android Fitness Apps


Anroid Fitness Apps


Summer’s here and after a long, cold winter of thumbing through the latest apps while vegging on the couch, you find yourself feeling less than energetic. It’s time to give your fingers a rest and start exercising some different parts of your physiognomy. But just because you’ve decided to get off the couch doesn’t mean you have to leave your phone behind. Whether you want to resemble your favorite celebrity or are just hoping to look a little less like a geeky couch potato, these 5 fabulous Android fitness apps may be the key to amping up your fitness routine and increasing overall health.

1. Weight Watcher’s Points Plus


Weight Watcher's Points Plus App Android



This app is great for tracking food intake and more while participating in your WW program. WW Points Plus works with both the new and old points system. This amazing little app has tons of features for the minimal price of $1.49 to download.
Features included are:

  • Points Calculator
  • Barcode Scanner – scan items to get their point value
  • Food Database
  • Restaurant Database
  • Meal Builder – allows you to build meal plans around points available and save for future use
  • Full Journal – with time stamp included and ability to go back and revisit history or make changes
  • Point Categories – breakfast, lunch dinner or snacks. As you categorize your points, the program will create related graphs for analysis
  • Activity Tracking – Includes an AP tracker which can be integrated into planned points eaten
  • Daily reminders – reminds you to enter points at various times in the day


2. Couch to 5K


Couch To 5k


A product of Active.com, this app is perfect for beginners who wish to train for a 5k. In just 20-30 minutes, 3 times a week, this program will get you to the goal of running 3.1 miles in 9 weeks or less! Giving you all the tools necessary to track progress and stay motivated, this app is my favorite one by far. You can customize your experience by choosing from 3 different trainer styles/personalities to best suit your motivational needs. This program starts you off at a sensible and manageable pace, moving from brisk walking to walk/run. Also incorporated is GPS tracking, pace monitoring and more. With this app, you’ll be signing up for and running your first 5k before you know it!


3. Workout Trainer


Workout Trainer Android App


It won’t take you long to get the superstar body you crave when using Workout Trainer. Even better, it’s free! The program coaches will guide you through a wide variety of exercise moves utilizing audio, photo and video instructions. You can choose an area of focus such as losing weight, getting a six-pack, yoga and more. Your trainer will prepare a fitness plan tailored to your goals. This program is great for people who want to get into shape without using any specialized equipment or gym membership. Workout plans can be shared through Facebook and Twitter. This is a great fit for serious fitness buffs who want to get into better shape than ever before.


4. Beer Gut Fitness


Beer Gut Fitness App Android


If you’re someone who works out hard but likes to party hard too, this app was designed with you in mind. The Beer Gut Fitness app acts as a calorie check book, letting you know when you’re free to have another drink or when you might need to lay off and take a walk. This app can keep your hard-earned physique in place, or at least stop the expansion of an already ample waistline.


5. Back Packer GPS Trails


Backpacker GPS Trails Android App


If you’re like me, you like a little scenery change to keep your mind off your exercise. The Back Packer pro is a great addition to a health and fitness app collection for those seeking the scenic route to better health. This app works great in remote locations like national parks or back country trails. It marks and can alert you to anything from water spots to campgrounds, summits and more. Users can share their trips on Facebook and twitter, geo tag photos and videos, and much more. This app makes for a useful partner in your quest for better health by way of trail exploration.