Google’s Play of the Day: Spilling the Beans on Android’s Latest O/S

Andriod Jelly Bean
Was Google Play’s leak of the new Android OS an accident or a way to remain in the thoughts of mobile users?

This June had been a hot one… and not just the weather! It seems on nearly an hourly basis we have been receiving updates on the latest and greatest innovations in the mobile world, and some of them have been pretty amazing. With the release of the highly anticipated Galaxy S3 and Apple’s iOS 6, Windows going mobile to the max, and even Blackberry hoping to get a piece of the action, I guess Google was feeling a little left out.

Today, in a supposedly accidental “leak,” Google Play revealed the name of Android‘s latest operating system, the Jelly Bean. It makes me wonder though, was the leak truly an accident or simply a way for Google to remain in the thoughts of mobile users amid the recently unfolding mobile soap opera we all have been tuning in to.

So what do we know about this new operating system? Not a lot. The name, Jelly Bean, was “spilled” today on Google Play’s store  description of the Galaxy Nexus, an unlocked GSM phone Google is currently featuring.  For a short space of time, when placed into the virtual shopping cart, the shopper would see a descriptions stating that the Nexus came with the latest Android system, Jelly Bean. Though Google declined to comment, and the listing disappeared an hour or two after it appeared, the Galaxy Nexus picture provided at the Google Play store reveals a new pink and green wallpaper and updated search box as well.

Google is likely to divulge the details of the 4.1 system next week at their I/O conference in San Francisco.


Google Developer Conference


With Microsoft and iOS 6 making such a big deal about their browsers and operating systems, it would not surprise me at all if the new Android rolled out with Google Chrome as the main integrated browser, and not an app which has to be downloaded. I can’t imagine too much will be changing as  few Android models have yet to even receive the Ice Cream Sandwich update.



The spilling of the Jelly Bean  served its purpose for now: to keep people cognizant of Google and Android’s team effort against longtime rival iPhone and latecomer Microsoft.

It should be interesting to see how the upcoming week unfolds…


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