Beam Me Up Scotty! How S Beam is Turning Galaxy S3 into a File-Sharing Fireball

Samsung GS3 S Beam


The Samsung Galaxy series has decidedly taken the mobile market by storm as the most popular Android devices available. However, it appears Samsung is taking notes from Apple in the development of their latest model, the Galaxy S3. Samsung has worked diligently to anticipate the needs of consumers before they even realize them. As a result, the Galaxy S3 unites simplicity and intuition with functionality and usefulness.

One example of Samsung thoughtfulness in their latest creation is the file-sharing inspiration Galaxy S Beam.

The Galaxy S2 featured Android’s NFC file-sharing capabilities known as the Android Beam; however, this system was sluggish and left many users impatient for ways to increase file sharing speed.

In response, Samsung  worked out a solution for speedier file transfer: the Galaxy S Beam.  The S Beam essentially works just like the Android Beam but with some crowd pleasing updates. With Android Beam, users tap their devices together, wait for the tap to register, and then select a file they want to transfer. Once a tap registers, a message pops up on the screen which reads “tap to beam”. Users simply tap on the option and Voila! File transfers begins! The other user only needs to press “accept” to complete the transfer.


S Beam


The simplicity of the Android Beam system made it a popular one; unfortunately, with slow-moving transfers, some users began to lose interest. Thankfully, the updated S Beam system makes sluggish file-sharing a thing of the past. Utilizing the new Wi-Fi Direct option, files can be transferred to users at high-speed through Wi-Fi. No cell phone signal is needed at all! Users can now transfer up to 1 GB of data in the form of movies, documents, pictures and more in no time flat! The process is started by NFC, but the file transfer is handled by Wi-Fi Direct. As a result, users can expect transfer speeds of up to 300MBp. This is a definite improvement over the old system! Users now greater ability to instantly share business documents, favorite recipes, vacation videos and more. The S Beam feature is just one more reason people everywhere are running out to get the Galaxy S3.

Want to see the S Beam system in action? Take a look at the video below and be amazed.


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