The Unlocked LG Optimus 7: An Optimal WP7 Choice

lg e900 Optimus7


The unlocked Optimus 7 is LG’s first Windows 7 offering. Fully equipped with WVGA screen resolution and 1GHz Snapdragon processor, the unlocked LG Optimus 7 is scoring a win as the Phone of choice for WP7 users.

For those who prefer physical buttons for navigation, the Optimus 7 is the only WP7 to offer a full set of physical buttons below the screen. The 3.8-inch  touch screen falls neatly into the category of “just right” for portability. Shielded by a solid metal back plate, this phone gives users a feel for its quality and durability. The beautifully engineered integrated camera is a piece of art to behold. With lens and flash slightly recessed and covered by a flat, glass surface, clearly, the designers had long life and use in mind.

Like its WP7 counterparts, the Optimus 7 flaunts extreme functionality with it smooth scrolling, sleek page transitions and pinch-and-zoom features. Though the display lacks the vibrancy some phones boast, the strength of Optimus 7 is its touch screen capability. This phone actually excels at accurately responding to touch – any touch.

The 5mp camera is right in line with that of the average smart phone today. Optimus 7 takes excellent pictures in decent lighting but suffers some in extremely dark or light environments. The flash is a bit on the bright side, resulting in slightly whitewashed objects closer than 1.5 feet. It does, however, provide a lovely panoramic shot option for users who wish to capture scenes in wide-screen wonder.

For media viewing and sharing, one must-have feature the Optimus 7 boasts is the Play-to-Media streaming. Users can wirelessly send media, pictures, music or movies to any HDTV, Windows 7 PC, Xbox360 or other DLNA capable device. This eliminates messy cords other phones require.

Though not bringing much new to the WP7 arsenal, the unlocked Optimus 7 is still a great choice to consider for quality, portability and media sharing on the go.