The Unlocked HTC Desire: Satisfy Your Craving for a Stylish Smartphone




Coming in the wake of its predecessor, the Legend, the HTC Desire is now a larger, more powerful addition to the HTC family of smartphones. The Desire comes with a stylish and practical, dark-colored matte casing, giving the phone a sense of durability and good craftsmanship. At the bottom of the phone, lie the four main navigation buttons, stylishly crafted from a cold and polished aluminum. In the middle of the navigation button is an optical track ball to help users navigate the screens more efficiently.

This phone features a 3.7 OLED capacitive touch screen interface, which lends itself to intuitive operating while displaying gorgeous colors and graphics.

This phone is quite speedy, with a 1 GHz processor installed. Users will find themselves delighting in the ease of streaming video, recording clips, and sharing information. For those who love to store large amounts of data, the Desire also comes equipped with over 500MB of RAM and is upgradeable, through micro SD to 32g.

The HTC Desire includes a 5mg camera with auto flash, focus and geo-tagging, making it tons of fun to shoot, store and share pictures you will cherish for years to come.

Internet browsing is a pleasure with this 3g/Wi-Fi integrated phone. Multiple widgets are included to keep people connected such as Facebook and other online tools.

The HTC Desire is definitely a stylish upgrade to an already excellent family of phones. Anyone looking forward to purchasing an unlocked cell phone with plenty of functionalities should add the Desire to their tray of choices.