The Unlocked Palm Pre Plus: Everything You Loved in the Pre…Plus Some

Palm Pre Plus


Looking for a portable, multitasking device with brilliant graphic interface? Then you should consider the unlocked Palm Pre Plus. The Palm Pre Plus offers attractive features for the everyday user. Nearly identical in appearance and function to its predecessor, the Palm Pre, this phone boasts upgrades users will love. Updates include improved QWERTY board, increased RAM, mobile hotspot tethering and wireless touchstone charging.Description:

The Palm Pre Plus includes a rounded design and lacquered finish. The Palm Pre Plus has a 3.1 inch capacitive touch screen which places it just under the iPhone’s viewing screen size. However, one advantage of the Pre Plus is a sliding physical keyboard that makes ramming out texts and updates a breeze. Similar to the iPhone, the Palm Pre Plus includes “pinch and zoom” for increased readability of webpages, emails and more. The screen skillfully senses change in positioning and rotates orientation, from portrait to landscape, with little delay. Swiping across applications displays additional options. For example, when viewing an email, swiping across the title displays options such as reply, delete, and archive. The bottom of the home screen features a function tray with shortcuts, email, contacts and dialer. One quick swipe to the left or right switches the display to other functional screens.

Impressive multi-tasking ability is the true genius of this machine. Users can move from application to application without closing previous ones by simply clicking on the home tray launcher button and selecting an app. Another click on the launcher, and the users see the “deck of cards”, a display of simultaneously running apps for quick maneuvering.

A few disadvantages of the Pre Plus are its lack of expansion slot, video recorder and voice dialing option. Despite these drawbacks, the average consumer will find this device a joy to own and use. Buyers can add to their satisfaction by purchasing the Pre Plus as an unlocked phone. An unlocked mobile device allows users to choose the best data and pricing plans for their unique lifestyles.