The HTC ChaCha: Facebook at Your Fingertips

HTC ChaCha

Facebook has become one of the biggest social network sites around. With over 175 million people logging in on a given day, the demand for mobile devices which support this national addiction had become a necessity. HTC has realized this and as a result has unveiled a new smartphone, designed with the Facebook Fanatic in mind. With Mark Zuckerberg placing his seal of approval on the phone in February’s HTC press conference, those who can’t go without updating their status throughout the day should take this phone into consideration.

Designed in the image of a Blackberry with the standard QWERTY keyboard located on the face of the phone, texters find this device to be a pleasure to type and text on. At the bottom of the device there is a designated button with the Facebook logo on it, specifically designed for posting to this insanely popular Social networking site, making it easier than ever to update one’s status on the go. With all the posting you’ll be doing on this phone, purchasing it in an unlocked version may be the best way to keep data costs lower.

The keyboard has a fun and finger friendly feel with its rubberized keys and sizable spacing. Users will find it easy to hammer out those updates on the HTC ChaCha.

The phone features Android 2.3.3 operating system and a 2.6 inch touch screen. It has an 800 GHz processing speed – an upgrade from the originally conceived 600mhz – for boosted speeds and functionality. This camera comes with an adequate 5mp back camera but a less thrilling VGA front facing model. One downside to this phone is low visibility in direct sunlight. The screen dulls significantly to where it is nearly impossible to read.

In terms of video recording, this phone has definitely been designed with the young in mind as there are a number of features users can set automatically to jazz up video recordings.

The ideal user of this phone will probably be teenagers, as its design, structure and capabilities cover the needs of the young. However, it may come up lacking for business professionals or other heavier media and work related users.


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