Third Generation Kindle Unveiled

Apple’s iPad has brought a significant decrease in Kindle sales. In light of this Amazon worked hard to revamp its eBook reading device. The result of their hard work, the third generation Kindle, was very recently revealed.

Compared to the older model, this Kindle is 21% smaller and 15% lighter. Despite its smaller size and lighter weight, the third generation Kindle offers a lot more than its predecessors. The model uses a new E-ink Pearl display; this display delivers 50% better contrast and 20% faster page turns than its older versions. With wireless off, the device can last up to a month on its battery and 10 days with wireless on; that is a nearly twice the battery life of the older model.

This is the first Kindle to feature Wi-Fi. A Wi-Fi only version excludes 3G from the device. Voice commands, double storage, and a new web browser make the third generation Kindle the best one yet.

The device is prices at $189 for the Wi-Fi plus 3G version and $139 for the Wi-Fi only version. It will start shipping on August 27th in graphite, black, and white colors.