Android Smartphones Affected by Malicious Wallpaper App

As cellphones turned into smartphones and began replicating the features of a computer, hackers quickly turned their attention to new ways of collecting people’s information. But thanks to security firms like Lookout, malicious tools are soon detected often without causing any large scale damages.

The latest in Lookout’s discoveries is a wallpaper app meant for Android phones. The app is developed by “Jackeey Wallpaper” and provides numerous wallpapers including branded content.

As users enjoy the app, it does something very malicious in the background: it quietly collects personal information such as SIM card numbers, text messages, subscriber identification, and voicemail passwords. The app then sends the information to a site located in Shenzhen, China. The site is

Lookout discovered the app through their App Genome Project that hopefully will continue to catch such malicious tools.