AT&T Fixing 3G Upload Speeds

Earlier this month, AT&T’s 3G users started reporting serious problems in upload speeds. Most of the problems were being faced by owners of the iPhone 4 and other devices that support faster HSUPA upload speeds. The speed dropped from 1Mbps or more to often just a fraction of the regular speed.

AT&T was quick in their response and began looking for the problem’s cause. The problem seemed to be found in areas that AT&T covered through the Alcatel-Lucent hardware. Therefore the Alcatel-Lucent hardware was the culprit.

Some people had gotten news of AT&T fixing the upload speeds problem and this has now been confirmed by the carrier. Alcatel-Lucent has now developed a patch that will restore the speeds on handsets that were facing the upload speed problems. The fix is expected to roll out in 2-3 weeks.