Samsung’s TouchWIz UI ported onto non-rooted Nexus One

Hackers and tweakers are usually working on ways to get rid of problems. But over at xda developers, on tweaker with the name of rolle3k took the road less travelled.

I hope most of you are familiar with Samsung’s unimpressive TouchWIz user interface. It is quite an inconvenient thing and users try out different ways to avoid it via hacks. Hence it made no sense when rolle3k developed a hack that ported the TouchWIz interface over to the Android running Nexus One.

Nobody would want to use the TouchWIz UI on Nexus One – it just does not make sense.

But there is one good thing that came out of all this: the interface port was achieved through a non-rooted hack. In other words, you simply download a “.APK” and install it. This should give Android developers some interesting ideas about easily introducing new interfaces on Android phones.