Verizon and Motorola Acknowledge Display Problems With Some Droid X Phones

The problem with latest smartphones is that they are overambitious and released fast. Resultantly the first batches of the phone present problems that were overlooked in testing. Droid X is a perfect example of this.

A competitor to the iPhone 4, Droid X offers a number of impressive features to its users including a high resolution 4.3-inch screen, an 8 megapixel camera, and a high definition video recorder. After it was launched, a number of buyers reported flickering and bands of light on their LCD screens. But this problem was by a very small percentage of phone buyers – Engadget reported it to be less than 1%.

Nonetheless, Verizon was quick in admitting the device’s flaw. A Verizon spokeswoman acknowledged on Tuesday that a small number of phone were affecting by the display problem. The carrier explained that the phone’s manufacturer, Motorola, had fixed the problem. Any Droid X phone owner facing the display issue should contact either Verizon or Motorola.