Verizon Will Launch a 5GB Prepaid Mobile Broadband Package in August

Currently Verizon, the massive telecommunications company, offers a mobile broadband package with a 1 GB limit and costs $50 to its users. The 1 GB limit expires after 30 days.

Now Engadget reports that Verizon will be launching a new mobile broadband plan in August for smartphone users whose browsing or downloading needs exceed the 1 GB limit. This new plan will offer a 5 GB limit. If the 1 GB package costs $50, once would guess the 5 GB package would go for $250. Fortunately the package will not be that expensive – it will cost subscribers only $80.

The said package will reportedly launch on August 23rd. Simultaneously the FiveSpot pocket router will be launched by Verizon. The router connects to the internet via 3G and shares it over Wi-Fi with up to five devices. FiveSpot also adds UMTS or HSPA support for international carriers.