Apple Replicates iPhone 4′s Antenna Issue in Nokia N97 Mini

iPhone 4 was one of this year’s highly anticipated smartphones. When it was released, many buyers reported a loss of reception when the held the phone the normal way i.e. their palm covering the lower back of the phone. Since iPhone 4 had merged the antenna with the casing, the palm covering the casing affected the antenna’s performance.

After weeks of testing, Apple held a press conference at which Steve Jobs admitted that iPhone 4 had a problem. He went on to say that this was a physics problem and was present in all smartphones to different degrees.

Other smartphone manufacturers were quick in opposing Jobs’ claim and issued statements about how Apple was trying to divert attention from its own flaw. Nokia, in particular, pointed out how many man hours they had invested to human behavior and antenna reception to make sure that their phones got proper reception whichever way they were held.

As a response to this, Apple silently posted a video demonstrating how Nokia’s N97 Mini suffered loss of reception when held the normal way. The video shows the phone starting out with 7 signal bars. That number eventually drops to 2 when the phone is held with the palm covering the back.