Facebook’s News Feed Redesigned: An In-depth Look

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg detailing the redesigned News Feed

Facebook has announced a design overhaul of the infamous Facebook News Feed, with a focus on photos and reduced clutter. According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, “We want to give everyone in the world the best personalized newspaper in the world”. The Facebook News Feed redesign will ensure users a clutter-free experience and a more personalized News Feed which according to the company, should fit the user’s tastes.

The Facebook News Feed is central to the whole experience and was in fact called one of the three pillars of Facebook by Zuckerberg. It allows users to view what’s happening around them. The Facebook News Feed is a place where users can get notified about important events and what their friends are up to. The last major revision to the Facebook News Feed concept was in 2011 when it was given the option to show either Top Stories or Most Recent stories.

This time however, Facebook is going for a major overhaul that will redefine how the Facebook News Feed behaves. Let’s take a look at some of the changes made to the Facebook News Feed.

You’d Better Like Photos…

Because Facebook is putting a huge emphasis on pictorial stories in this redesign. Much like modern photo-blog websites, the Facebook News Feed will feature large photos. According to Facebook’s News Feed engineers, people spend most of their time on Facebook browsing photos. The more the time spent on the website, the merrier, so photos are being given priority this time.

facebook newsfeed

Just pray your friends’ photos are as good as this


Less Clutter

The current Facebook News Feed isn’t exactly pretty. It is a bland mess. Facebook clearly realizes this. The redesign is also making an effort to present information in a clear and clutter-free way. Take a look at the redesigned Upcoming Events story:

Making better use of screen space

Making better use of screen space


A Uniform Look Across All Platforms

The ever-increasing popularity of tablets and smartphones is not exactly a secret.  A major chunk of their traffic now comprises of mobile OS users. And the inconsistent look was sure to confuse some users. And Facebook knows this. The new Facebook News Feed has been redesigned in such a way that it now shares the same design as featured on the mobile apps. The best features of the mobile apps have been implemented on the desktop website as well.

Mobile app and desktop website now share a lot of elements


Facebook News Feed: Other Minor Changes

Twitter-esque notifications about new stories

Twitter-esque notifications about new stories

News Feed filtering options

News Feed filtering options

Traditionally, the website automatically updates and refreshes itself. But now, perhaps taking a cue from Twitter’s design, the website will notify the user of new stories but will not load them automatically. Furthermore, a user can personalize their preferences. The friends they’d like to see more from on their Facebook News Feed, filter the News Feed to only show photos, music or events. The new Facebook News Feed really is your very own personalized newspaper. Just don’t think this is the only newspaper in your life!

The new Facebook News Feed will begin rolling out to users gradually. However if you’d like to try it out sooner, go to the end of this page.