Googles Offices: Quirky And Fascinating

Google Offices Will Amaze You

google offices

A Relaxing Place: Google’s Office in Zurich.

Google is a great company to work for. Its employees talk about the excellent benefits, its culture and the forward-thinking mission of the company. In 2012 it was the #1 company to work in the Fortune 500 list. Google does not just offer great perks, culture or salaries, it also offers a great workplace¬†environment. Google offices feel less like those of a giant corporation and more like small company with personalized spaces where the employees feel warm and invited. Google offices offer an excellent way to boost employees’ morale, making them even more productive and loyal to the company. Follow this slideshow to check out the best Google offices from around the world.

  • Sebastian

    Wow. Just wow. Goes to show you what is in store for you if you are the best at what you do.