Lynx A 3D Camera At Kickstarter Makes 3D Printing Even Easier

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Only recently, Kickstarter has been involved in a project that allowed easy plastic filament making for 3D printing purposes. The approach towards 3D printing worldwide may be slow but there are advancements being made for sure. If the latest project for plastic filament making was not enough evidence, we now have Lynx A showing up at Kickstarter. Lynx A comes across as a 3D camera which is said to offer massive support for 3D printing and will carry it miles forward. Allow me to run you through the details of the latest on Lynx A 3D camera.

Lynx A

Lynx A

Lynx A 3D camera takes the form of a 14-inch tablet. Like any point and shoot snapper, you hold the Lynx A 3D camera up at and shoot pictures or videos. It’s really as simple as that. Upon capturing these images and videos, Lynx A 3D camera allows users to upload them directly to the 3D printer for 3D prints. Mind you, 3D printing isn’t a walk in the park unless you are good with CAD software. Lynx A 3D camera makes it easy to take pictures and get the job done for those not exactly well-versed in the field.

Without doubt,  Lynx A 3D camera is going to serve a large population. Be it architects, estate agents or designers;  Lynx A 3D camera could well be a popular for all such professionals. Lynx A 3D Camera’s ability to capture body movements and sync them with a virtual character will be widely appealing to the game developers and I can imagine many fervent gamers making use of  Lynx A 3D camera in the near future.

Lynx A 3D camera in action

Lynx A 3D camera in action

Lynx Laboratories in Austin are striving hard to catch attention. The project is still open at Kickstarter, and has more than a month to go before it reaches its target of $50,000. If you thought the 3D printer itself was expensive, Lynx A 3D Camera might not be any reprieve for you. It would set you back by $1,799. You must acknowledge that projects like these are potentially aimed at developers and less likely at casual users. Still, there is quite a lot of value in this Lynx A 3D camera if you think about it.

Courtesy: Engadget

  • Matt

    Looks like everyone is coming out with a 3d printer these dats.

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