Orobis Transform: USB, microUSB And Lightning Connector In One Cable

The Orobis Transform Cable

The Orobis Transform Cable

Yet another day and yet another awesome crowdfunded project. This is becoming something of a recurring theme of late and only reinforces our prediction that crowdfunding will slowly but surely move to the forefront of innovation.

The Orobis Transform cable solves a very common problem. You know those pesky Lightning connectors on your spanking new Apple devices? Well maybe you own other stuff too which uses a much more common and standard micro-USB cable and want a single cable to charge or connect all your stuff. Well despair not! The Orobis Transform cable is the solution.

The project describes the cable as a ‘Multi-equipped cable for the iPhone 5 and others’ which is just a fancy way of saying that it has a USB connection at one end and a micro-USB/Lightning connector at the other end. Want to switch? Just transform it! We have to admit, the design looks pretty cool. And nothing explains it better than the animated GIF we took off the project’s IndieGoGo page.

Orobis Transform In Action

Orobis Transform In Action

These days nearly everything comes with a micro-USB port. Be it the latest non-Apple smartphones,  power banks, bluetooth earphones, speakers, docks or other Android tablets. So it makes sense to invest in a cheap cable that can power all devices you own. The Orobis Transform cable comes in two colours; black and white. Right now it is at roughly 10% of its funding target of $25,000 so if you want to make this a reality, go contribute! he money gets you dibs on the product and other perks.

Do you think the Orobis Transform is a good idea? Would you buy one? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Steph Coll

    Definitely! God know I could reduce the clutter of the cables in my house.

  • Nia

    I’ve already contributed for 2. I think it’s not only a cable for function, but a thoughtful creation.