Blackberry 10 Last Chance Port-A-Thon Event Gives RIM The Final Push

Blackberry 10 Last Chance Port-A-Thon

Blackberry 10 Shaping Up

We have been talking about Blackberry 10 and how it is RIM’s last chance to put Blackberry back on track. RIM has been striving hard to make sure Blackberry 10 brings it back in the game. It is desperately trying to avoid a serious debacle with the release of Blackberry 10 drawing near. Hot off the heels of its last efforts, RIM has not shied one bit to invite Android developers to port their own Android apps to Blackberry 10. The unveiling of Blackberry 10 is due on January 30th, and RIM is nicely warming up to the task with these moves.

RIM Offering Enough To Attract Attention

Ofcourse, it is paying a handsome amount of compensation in return. RIM calls the event the Blackberry 10 Last Chance Port-A-Thon. The virtual event is said to reward every Android developer a set amount of $100 for each app that is approved for port to Blackberry 10. Before you developer folks start jumping up and down at the thought of making millions, note that there is a limit of 20 paid apps per head. Certainly, this is a great incentive for all the fervent Android developers out there. At the same time it means an awful lot for Blackberry 10.

Last Chance Port-A-Thon

As I write, the Blackberry 10 Last Chance Port-A-Thon reaches its end. The virtual event saw a total of 19,071 apps as contenders for Blackberry 10 apps. The event was allowed to run for a total of 36 hours. The figure comes straight from the verified Twitter account of the Blackberry Dev. We must acknowledge that not all these apps will make it to the final cut. However, RIM does promise more than 70,000 quality apps at the launch of Blackberry 10. RIM’s track record shows that it prefers quality of apps over their quantity. This time, Blackberry 10 users might get a great blend of both.

Last Weekend’s Port-A-Thon

It is worth noting that RIM’s Port-A-Thon event last weekend also saw over 15,000 apps in 36 hours. That goes to show how triumphant RIM must be feeling following the Last Chance Port-A-Thon. RIM has had around $2 million available for this event only. It strongly feels that the amazing apps being ported to Blackberry 10 will help them build a healthy ecosystem. Surely, this could catalyze the process of putting RIM back on track with Blackberry 10. The wait is almost over as we approach 30th January slowly but surely. Stay tuned for more on Blackberry 10.

Courtesy: BGR

  • James

    Blackberry have massive developer support and that is going to be important when BB10 launches.

  • Delano Phillip

    No matter what they do, I don’t see them as a major OS anymore. Pity!

  • Syed Hassan

    Personally, it seems like the last resort to me.
    That could always go against them if the BB platform itself continues o show stagnant growth.
    I still have fingers crossed.

  • Syed Hassan

    Sigh! Let’s not give up so soon, Delano. 🙂