GSM Nation Giveaway: Congratulations To The Nexus 7 Tablet Winners

Congrats to Keith and Jose for winning a Nexus 7 tablet each in GSM Nation’s Nexus 7 Giveaway, held in cooperation with Android Police. Both of them seem to be enjoying their new tablets and were kind enough to send us their photos.

Winner of Nexus 7 Tablets

Winner of Nexus 7 Tablet: Keith Knudsen receives his tablet in NJ

Johan From Philippines Shows Off His Tablet, Courtesy Johan

Winner of Nexus 7 Tablet: Jose from Philippines shows off his Tablet and seems to be reading our blog, Courtesy Jose Roxas


As for the participants who did not get so lucky, we have great news for you: GSM Nation is bringing a series of Giveaways of an awesome variety. We love to treat our readers and supporters to goodies every once in a while so we have decided to start a series of Giveaways featuring a range of tablets, smartphones and accessories that will knock your pants off. So keep your eyes peeled for them goodies and follow us on facebook and twitter for updates. To receive our top stories and news about future Giveaways right in your inbox, subscribe to our Newsletter.