Monkey Kit: The Ultimate Tablet Positioning System

Monkey Kit Tablet Holder

Monkey Kit Tablet Holder

Kickstarter has brought in great ideas to reality with the help of funding by the crowd. As a result, we have seen hundreds of innovative products hit the market that would otherwise be tucked away in people’s garages. Today, we bring you another great project that relieves you a tablet holder that relieves you from the troubles of shifting your tablet around to find the perfect viewing angle.

Monkey Kit is best described as a tablet positioning system or a tablet holder. It is made up of a vacuum dock that can hold up to 60 pounds of pressure and a ‘monkey tail’ that can be wound in whatever shape you desire. The following image from the Kickstarter page of the project does a good job of describing the details of the tablet positioning system.

Monkey Tail Tablet Holder

Monkey Tail Tablet Holder

If you order the Monkey Kit tablet holder right now, you can get it at Octa’s website for $80. Once the product is fully released, the price will jump to $100. The tablet holder will work for the iPad and nearly all other tablets and Octa, the developers of the tablet holder, assure us that it is durable and the suction is so strong that it will stick to your tablet for ‘days’.



Here are some reviews about the Monkey Kit:

“Despite its firm grip on the back of the tablet, the dome is easy to remove” – MacWorld

“The suction is strong enough to remove dents from your car” – iSmashPhone

The project has already exceeded the required funding on Kickstarter (more than $32,000 raised and the needed amount was $20,000) with 37 days to go. So if you contribute, you’ll definitely know that project will be a reality and not scrapped half way through.

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