NanoLight Bulb: Hello To The Most Efficient Light Bulb

Nanolight Bulb

Nanolight Bulb

Florescent tube light bulbs and 100W incandescent light bulbs are old news now. The move towards energy efficient lighting has been one of the main vehicles of go-green initiatives. But the struggle to save more and more energy continues. It is this struggle that has led to the development of some of the most efficient light bulbs out there. So let’s say hello to NanoLight bulb.

What is NanoLight Bulb?

Of course it’s a bulb, Captain Obvious. But there is a lot more to it which makes this the most efficient light bulb. Firstly, NanoLight bulb is marginally bigger than the usual light bulb with dimensions of 110mmx77mm. It consumes merely 12 watts to produce 1600 lumen of light. This is equal to the amount that a conventional 100W incandescent bulb produces. That tells you a lot about how NanoLight bulb gets its most efficient light bulb status.

How is Nanolight Bulb Made?

A team of three engineers has played a key role in the NanoLight bulb project. The team claims that unlike other LED bulbs, NanoLight bulb doesn’t waste too much energy in form of heat. This is mainly because it doesn’t use the heat sink like other bulbs. Instead, the bulb dons an unorthodox design that constitutes of an unconventionally shaped printed circuit board.

NanoLight bulb is first placed in a machine where a robot assembles its components. Then the solder paste is melted in an oven. Finally, it is tested after assembling the circuit board in a light bulb shape.

NanoLight Bulb Lamp

Does NanoLight Bulb Operate Under Multiple Country Standards?

You would be pleased to know that the most efficient light bulb comes in 220V AC as well as 120V AC. Nearly the entire world will be able to benefit from NanoLight bulb as a result. Whether you are from Europe, Asia, North America or Japan, NanoLight bulb is for you.

The Most Efficient Light Bulb In All Conditions?

Whether you want lighting indoors or outdoors, NanoLight would suffice. It is designed to work well in both environments. So far, results have shown that NanoLight fares well even in snow storms but it’s best to use it indoors. There are chances of its shelf life of 30 years being hampered if exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Other Advantages Of NanoLight Bulb?

The most efficient light bulb does more than just cut down electricity bills and CO2 emissions. It is omnidirectional which allows for an even distribution of bright light in all directions. It boasts full brightness the moment it is switched on. Since it does not lose too much heat to the surrounding, NanoLight bulb does not burn the hand if a kid accidentally touches it. Look at the comparison below and get a sense of how much you save with a NanoLight bulb.

NanoLight Bulb Cost

Courtesy: KickStarter

  • Steph Coll

    I LOVE Kickstarter! I seriously think that within the next few years the future of technology will be shaped by the innovations funded through this site rendering expensive R&D obsolete!

  • Syed Hassan

    It’s a great concept, I believe. We really do need intelligent minds like these if we are to translate our go-green plans to action.

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    Many ideas never make it to the product line but I hope this one does because it looks great.

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    It certainly does.
    I get the feeling you would be getting yourself some of these, wouldn’t you? 🙂