SONY Xperia Z Preview – Yet Another Phone Queues Up For 2013 Release

SONY Xperia Z is SONY's next flagship smartphone.

SONY Xperia Z (Codenamed Yuga) is the next flagship smartphone from SONY.


SONY Xperia Z Rises

Fortunately, we have all survived the potential scare of the 21st December, 2012. Thankfully, the world retains its proper shape and form as we now head to year 2013. The next year seems pleasingly fruitful in regards to the number of smartphones it is set to bring.

We can’t write off Sony, can we? Afterall, it’s bringing us a new flagship called the Sony Xperia Z also know as Sony Yuga, next year. A Russian website ‘Mobile Review’ recently got its hands on a prototype of SONY Xperia Z. Let us dive in Sony Yuga and see exactly what this new SONY device has to offer.

 A Typical Sony Xperia Look

Ever since Sony Ericsson was reduced to Sony, Sony seems to have undergone an extreme makeover. Every phone Sony dishes out seems ridiculously similar to the other ones. Sony Xperia Z is no different. This is definitely something many people associate with Apple iPhones. There’s nothing bad about it; infact, the design Sony Yuga is nothing short of impressive. However, the pursuit to go too slim compromises features like longer battery life.

Sony Xperia Z is fittingly slim and is fashioned out of plastic. You do not need to make faces at the mention of plastic like that. Sony Xperia phones have had a good track record with plastic build and design. In regards to size, Sony Xperia Z joins the league of 5-odd inches hunks like Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Also, if you are not too fond of flaps around ports, you might be disappointed with Sony’s choice to put them on Sony Xperia Z.


Sony Xperia Z will come with a 5-inch display that is set to boast 1080p resolution. It seems like we are slowly and steadily moving to times when 5 inches will become standard for mobile displays. Beside boasting full HD resolution, the display on Sony Xperia Z makes use of Mobile Bravia Engine. This promises excellent color reproduction. A generous pixel density of 440 ppi makes it sound even better.

That’s not all; Sony has added even more amenities to Sony Xperia Z. The IP57 certification announced for previously announced Xperia phones will be available with Sony Xperia Z as well. Sony claims that this effectively protects its phones against external agents like dust and water. Moreover, the Sony Yuga display is also said to use the OptiContrast technology. This will cut down glare and ensure full brightness.


The new Sony Xperia Z may be a late entrant to the market but it packs some serious power under the hood. None of us would be content with anything short of a Quad core processor in a phone that is scheduled for 2013, right? Well, that’s precisely what you get from Sony Yuga.

Sony Xperia Z comes equipped with a Quad core Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU, coupled with 2GB of RAM. This powerful combination will certainly keep the performance ticking at full rate. Gladly, users will also be able to benefit from expandable storage that Sony Yuga offers.


A 12 megapixels snapper rests at the back of the Sony Xperia Z. We acknowledge that a 12 megapixels camera is not new to the Sony flagship smartphones. However, it is going to be interesting to see how well Sony Yuga can level up against  the Nokia Lumia 920.

Moreover, the camera supports HDR video shooting. Users will also be able to enjoy taking pictures using the all-new burst mode. It is always nice to see something new from Sony. Our only gripe is, they make it a case of too little, too late more often than not.


Sony Xperia Z is abundant in connectivity options. You will find an awful lot of ports on the phone: micro HDMI, microSD card slot, micro USB, charging port. You get your standard WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 as well to be able to connect as effectively as possible.

There’s also good news for fans of NFC and 4G LTE. The phone will support both of these; meaning blazing fast speeds in terms of internet connectivity as well as data transfer.

Final Word

Sony Xperia Z looks fresh and exciting. Interestingly, we are not far from the CES so we might as well be nearing the unveiling of this new baby. Whatever happens, Sony Xperia Z will face some fierce competition from its rivals. Only time will tell how well Sony Yuga fares. So Stay tuned for more.