Coolest iPhone Tricks And Tips: Get The Most Out Of Your iPhone

Here are the coolest iPhone tricks.

Time to add some iPhone tricks to your iPhone’s life.


iPhone Tricks – Making Your iPhone More Useful

I thought it would be unfair to not follow up my post regarding coolest Android tricks with one regarding iPhone tricks. Let us not forget our fellows who own an iPhone after all. Just like any good Android handset, iPhone has also been in the headlines over the year. If you just got your new iPhone yesterday, you might well get off to a great start with these iPhone tricks. Even if not, there is something in it for the current users as well. Let us jump straight into some of the coolest iPhone tricks you must try.

NOTE: Please be aware that the proper functionality of iPhone tricks mentioned will be conditional to the iPhone version being used.


iPhone tricks will help you prolonge the battery life of your iPhone.

No, your iPhone isn’t that flexible. Try iPhone tricks instead.

Save The Battery, Get A Move On

Battery life is a key aspect on any smartphone. It is one of those things that a person just can’t get enough of. Still, the more the merrier, right? Imagine being outdoors and missing out on a golden opportunity to capture an image just because the battery on your iPhone died. Exasperating, no? How about some iPhone tricks to set this right?

Turning down the brightness would be immediately obvious to you. While that is certainly something you should do there are some more measures that will be crucial to saving the battery. Approach Settings and disable push notifications for email, text messaging and the stock widgets. You will find these options headed: Mail, Contacts and Calendars. Upon doing this go to Fetch New Data and switch this one to every hour so that new information does not eat up battery too frequently.


Dele your messages using iPhone tricks.

iPhone tricks finally knocked some sense.

Delete The Email, Not Archive It

People often wonder why in the Almighty’s name the messages they deleted from their mailbox would keep reappearing. Perhaps some also consider their inbox being under the influence of some evil spirit. I hope we agree that’s a justifiable concern. Again, iPhone tricks come to your rescue. Hold on tight.

Approach your mail settings. Go to Mail, Contacts and Calendar and then the specific mail account. See that Archive Messages option over there? Tap it and turn it off. Most probably, that is what you were doing wrong. Now a Delete button would show up instead of Archive. iPhone tricks just wiped out the probable evil spirit from your mailbox. Fatality!


Take pictures with the volume up button - thanks to iPhone tricks.

Capturing an image just got easier with iPhone tricks.

Shooting A Photo Just Got Easier

Taking pictures on an iPhone is not an uphill task by any means. However, imagine a situation where you are carrying your neighbor’s child and have no choice but to use one hand to do the honors. I hope you agree that’s a slightly tougher scenario. iPhone tricks all the way again.

The best bit of advice to give you in such a situation is to hold your phone in landscape mode. With the phone flipped to the side, hold your stance and press the volume up button to capture the frame. Oh yes, the volume up button will act as your shutter. Notice how easier your life is with the right iPhone tricks?


Undo typing made easier with iPhone tricks.

iPhone tricks come in handy even when you need to delete text.

Shake It And Lose All Your Text

How many times do we end up removing a big chunk of text after writing a long text message? There are plenty of people who do that while composing an email as well. Like it or not, it can be annoying to go through the exercise of highlighting the entire text and then choosing to delete it. How about some iPhone tricks to help you out?

iPhone tricks do not get any simpler than this, I suppose. All you need to do is shake your iPhone. Upon registering a quick shake, the system will display a box. Simply tap Undo Typing and the text you typed will be gone for good.


Add keyboard shortcuts using iPhone tricks.

Getting keyboard shortcuts of choice made easier with iPhone tricks.

I Want My Own Keyboard Shortcuts

Do you feel the need to change keyboard shortcuts the way you please? No problem. There is a fairly easy method to sort this one. Approach Settings and then General. Find your way to Keyboard and then select Shortcuts. There you are. Feel free to set keyboard shortcuts of your own choice. All hail iPhone tricks for making life easier.

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