GSM Nation Giveaway: Win One of Two 16GB Nexus 7s From GSM Nation And Android Police

GSM Nation Giveaway

GSM Nation Giveaway with Android Police

GSM Nation welcomed the holiday season by launching a Sale Program last week that was one of its kind. This program allowed you to choose your own sale by voting for the phone that you would like to go on sale. To celebrate the holiday season in full force, GSM Nation has partnered with Android Police, one of the Best Sources for all things Android, to giveaway two 16GB Nexus 7s. If you’re interested in the giveaway, go over to Android Police and take a shot at winning one of the Nexus 7s.

GSM Nation is also giving away two $50 GSM Nation Coupons* to help you with your Christmas shopping. So leave a comment below about your favorite phone, ask our tech geeks anything techy or just tell us what phone would you like to go on sale, and enter the draw to win your $50 GSM Nation Coupon.

* This coupon will only be valid for purchases over $250.