How to Get Rid of Android Apps That You Don’t Need

Too Many Apps

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Apps are a big part of what makes smartphones fun. They’re also a large part of the revenue stream that comes from this multi-billion dollar industry.

That’s good news for the app and OS developers but not great news for you. To encourage you to spend money on specific apps, wireless carriers and phone manufacturers stuff their phones with apps that you may not want. 

And they’re not the only culprit. After a few months of use, most of our phones are saddled with the dozens of apps that we download and try and forget about as we try something better.

Then there they sit. The average smartphone has dozens of GBs of storage and even more room on a SIM card where apps can be forever forgotten.

If you’re looking for a way to clear up some space on your phone’s hard drive, then you should try the Useless Apps Remover.

The way it works is pretty neat: it runs through all of the apps that are currently on your phone and it tells you which ones you use most. Then you just run through the list and delete the apps that you have absolutely no use for.

Leave the (light) Useless Apps Remover running in the background and it will keep running tabs on all the remaining apps on your phone. When you haven’t used an app in a few weeks, it will send you a notification suggesting that you delete the useless thing and free up some space for something better.

Need more information before you can decide if you want to delete an app forever? Simply click “details”. You’ll be taken to an expanded menu that lets you know just how much space the app takes up on your phone’s hard drive. Seeing the MBs in black and white is a great little push for those of us that have trouble letting things go.


The Useless App Remover's Interface

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If you know that the app is useless most of the time but you want to keep it anyway, you just turn off notifications for that particular app in the menu. Overall, it’s pretty neat; sort of like a butler for your smartphone.

And it’s free. But, of course, the free version of Useless App Remover comes with a ton of obnoxious ads. I recommend that you try out the free version, see if it’s worth your while and then upgrade to the paid version.

It’s only $0.99 and it doesn’t come with any extra perks but it does make the ads go away. But before you change versions, synchronize the data between the free and the paid versions of the app before you make the switch (by going to “Settings” and tapping “Synchronize”) otherwise, all the progress you’ve made will be lost and you’ll have to go back and configure everything again.


The Useless App Remover's Notifications

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The Useless App Remover is a great tool for cleaning out your phone’s hard drive. But if you’re a consummate pack rat like myself, you’ll have trouble letting go of anything that maybe you might be able to use if, say, you were stranded on a desert island or impatiently waiting the next Angry Birds update.

In that case you may want to consider a new handset. At GSM Nation we have plenty of cheap, unlocked Androids with dozens of GBs of memory plus space for 64GB more via a microSD card. That way you can play and download to your heart’s content without have to worry about something as practical as space.