The Acer CloudMobile Phone: The World’s Best Display at The World’s Lowest Price

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Which is better? The best screen on the market or the cheapest in-class unlocked price? Luckily, you don’t have to choose.

Competing in the flooded smartphone market is serious business. To stay competitive, phone companies have to stay perfectly priced and really visible. And when a company drops one of those balls, they’ve really got to scramble to get back in the game.

And that almost always means good news for customers. The Acer S500 CloudMobile is Acer’s re-entry into the smartphone world after a long hiatus. And to put the Acer name back on customers lips, Acer has packed this phone with great specs at prices too low to ignore.

And boy does Acer know how to make a comeback. One of the best ways to get consumer attention is to have a sleek, sexy design. If no one’s Googling your name, your best bet for a new customer base is the display case at a wireless carrier.

The Acer S500 CloudMobile has unique curved edges and metal accents that make it hard to walk by without a second look. It doesn’t look exactly like any of its competitors which gives it an air of mystery that’s disguising a ridiculously cheap price.

Unlocked, the Acer S500 CloudMobile is available for around $450.

That’s dirt cheap when you consider the CloudMobile’s specs. For the price, you get a 4.3-inch HD720 IPS display with 1280x720p. Translation: it’s the best phone screen in existence today. It’s better than the iPhone 5’s Retina Display. It’s better than the Google Nexus 4 and it’s even better than the Samsung Galaxy SIII‘s which has the same number of pixels but spread out over a 4.8 screen which means less density.


The CloudMobile's Display

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In hand, comparison is irrelevant. The screen is in a class of its own. Colors and images come to life and give you the feeling that you’re looking through a magic window on an impossibly clear day. The viewing angles are great and even direct sunlight is no obstacle to picture quality. It’s the best screen on the market today and the spec that will bring thousands of users back to Acer.

Running that beautiful display is a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 Plus processor. That’s strong enough to keep everything on the CloudMobile running at a pretty quick clip. Nothing lags, apps open in a heartbeat and scrolling and running apps come with no stutter at all.

It’s not as fast as say the Samsung Galaxy SIII’s quad-core but unless you’re playing console-worthy app games it’s all the power that most of us will ever need.  After all, it’s what’s running much more expensive high-end phones like the Sony Xperia T and the HTC One S.

This is the point where many of you will stop reading. It’s fast, the screen is great and it’s cheap. Case closed. But the Acer CloudMobile has more to offer. It really wants you to like it and it knows that sometimes that means putting out.


The Acer CloudMobile's Great Viewing Angles

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In addition to 8GB of onboard storage, the CloudMobile has a removable SD card for up to 64GB of additional storage. It’s loudspeaker is Dolby surround with precise sound control. It’s 8MP camera takes great pictures and it’s 1460mAh battery will get you through at least a days’ heavy usage before it’s time to recharge.

All in all, the Acer S500 CloudMobile is a great phone for a great price. Its display is unparalleled, its processor a close second and its got all the other standard specs that make this (pure!) Android worth the price. The display is unparalleled, the processor a close second. We put this firmly in the “buy” column and just in time for the holidays.

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