The Best eBook Apps for Your Devices

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Did you know that over 100,000 words cross your eyes every single day? No, you didn’t. This means that people today are reading more than ever before. The advent of mobile devices and free eReaders has made it possible for us to read anywhere, any time. No matter what device you own, Android, iOS or Windows, every platform has some great options when it comes to eBook readers.

I bet many readers are reading this post on their mobile phone, tablet or other mobile device.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best eBook apps out there for the Android, iOS and Windows platforms.

Android EBook Reading Apps

Aldiko Book Reader

Cost: Free (Premium version available for $2.99)

Formats supported: ePub, PDF and Adobe DRM encrypted eBooks

Most Android phones ship with the Aldiko Book Reader pre-installed. It’s a simple app for people who stay away from complicated apps. All you have to do is load the books into your memory card or phone and then access them from the application. The books will show up in the pretty looking book shelf which is the UI of the app.

Aldiko comes both in free and premium versions but you will not need to buy the premium version because the free one performs most of the basic functions quite well.


Cost: Free

Formats supported: ePub, CHM, MobiPocket

This one is my main ebook readers nowadays. I love to read and I can’t move an inch without a book in my hand. I find iReader a better app for my Android phone than Aldiko because, well, I suppose it just looks and feels better. You have a number of options to change fonts and other appearance settings.

iReader is also great because it lets you access a number of different formats from your personal library and you don’t have to rely solely on their library for books. But if you like, you can always use the iReader library to find and download free books, which has a great collection of classics.

Book Place

Cost: Free (In app purchase for additional options)

Formats supported: ePub

“Don’t just read books. Experience them,” says the app’s description. No kidding! That is exactly how it works. The Book Place for Android eBook reader is super awesome for all those people who find reading a tedious experience.

The app lets you bookmark pages and words, add notes, highlight texts, search for the meaning of words and the best part? It will even read out books to you! Of course that ability comes at a price, but seriously how cool is that?

Apple iOS EBook Reading Apps


Cost: Free

Formats supported: ePUB, PDF

The iBooks reader comes pre-installed on most Apple devices as Apple’s primary reading application. The app performs most functions that frequent readers will usually look for and expect. For example, you can bookmark, add notes and search for the meaning of words.

The UI is simple and similar to the Aldiko reader app for Android. Yes, a book shelf. But this one is a more graceful book shelf. With beveled edges and a nice shade of brown, the UI is easy to navigate with options to change book appearance and fonts.

And yes, you can read books that you have downloaded from anywhere on the internet by copying them to your iDevice’s library.

For a free eBook reader, iBooks is a pretty complete application and it looks great on the Retina display.


Cost: Free

Formats supported: ePUB, PDF, Mobi, Txt, HTML and RTF

This is another great free ebook reader for all your iOS devices. It works on the iPhone, iPod Touch and  iPad.

The coolest thing about the Kobo eReader is its social integration. Kobo lets you see what your friends are reading, share what you’re reading, add notes and share them with friends and much more.

Bluefire Reader

Cost: Free

Formats supported: ePUB, PDF

If iBooks or Kobo don’t work for you, try the BlueFire Reader. It performs all the basic functions of the previously mentioned eBook readers. You can annotate texts, export your annotations, write notes, bookmark and find word meanings.

Windows Phone 7/8 EBook Reading Apps

Amazon Kindle

Cost: Free

Formats supported: Kindle Books

The Amazon Kindle app is perhaps the best eBook Reader app for reading on your Windows Phone 7 and 8. Every book you buy or download from your Kindle App is instantly available to all your devices that have the Kindle app installed. This means you don’t have to go through the hassle of transferring books between devices.


Cost: Free

Formats supported: ePUB, FB2 and Txt

Bookviser supports Windows Phone 7.5 and higher. The eBook Reader allows you to get books on your device by downloading them through its web browser, its own library or from your own book collection. The great thing is that DropBox support will soon be available and this will make it even easier to get books on your WP.


Cost: Free

Formats supported: ePUB, FB2, HTML and Txt

Freda is better than Bookviser because it does have DropBox support. Dropbox makes it SO easy to move files and books from one device to another that it is absolutely a must have for any reading enthusiast.


So there you have the best eBook apps. Did I miss your favorite reading app? Let me know in the comments below!

  • Android based Moonreader Pro? Love it, and when I am busy, it will read my book to me. I just shake my phone and off it goes.

  • Nikolay Atanasov

    Take a look at Infinity Reader. It supports audio, video and all ePub3 features. The reader comes with a free book, which contains youtube video. You can also download a lot of free books directly from the reader.
    I use it with Readium(Chrome plugin) for Windows and Mac