Top 5 Free Windows 8 Games You Should Download

Top Five Free Windows 8 Games

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Free Windows 8 Games Exist!

Everyone is excited about Windows 8. There is a mix bag of opinions on the new operating system following its release. However, the Window 8’s gaming potential has still been questionable at best. iOS and Android are up to each other’s throats with a sea of games. With a freshly designed store for games and other apps, Windows 8 is starting to breath down its competitors’ necks soon. Luckily, you are in the right place if you have been waiting to find out what all you can play on your Windows 8 devices. Hold tight as we present top five free Windows 8 games you should download.


Battle Knights

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1. Battle Knights

If there is one sword fighting game that combines action and adventure together, it is Battle Knights. Developed by Solus, Battle Knights makes its way to the new OS as one of the free Windows 8 games. Without doubt, this is one game that has an excellent learning curve and throws you into a challenge.

Free Windows 8 games do not get any better than this. Gamers are required to take the role of Vash, a young girl. Vash seeks revenge from those who killed her family. However, Battle Knights hinder her path to revenge. In this case, her blade is her best friend as she looks to slice her way past the twelve deadly bosses through a total of 20 battles.

You might think that free Windows 8 games won’t be too classy because they are free. That is simply not the case, though. The excellent blend of neat physics and well detailed environments in Battle Knights make it one of the very best free Windows 8 games. It surely earns our seal of approval.


Fruit Ninja for Windows 8

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2. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja has had its time on the iOS and Android. Surely, it now has a reputation to uphold as it heads to Windows 8. Like Cut The Rope, the game incorporates a fitting blend of excellent game mechanics and nice visuals to interest the gamers.

Free Windows 8 games are incomplete without a game like Fruit Ninja. Gamers are put through the task of swiping across the touchscreen to rip open a number of fruits. Every time you slice these fruits, you are rewarded with points. Be careful, though. Swipe across the bomb that pops up in a while and it’s game over for you.

Interestingly, a total of three new modes have been added to Fruit Ninja. These include: Zen, Classic and a refreshing Arcade mode. We must appreciate that the game looks and plays as well as it does on the iOS and Android. All in all, if free Windows 8 games are what you are after, do not miss Fruit Ninja.


The Treasures Of Montezuma 3 for Windows 8

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3. The Treasures Of Montezuma 3

Are you a fan of puzzle games? Do thunder and lightning effects make you jump with excitement? More so, are you excited at the thought of unlocking priceless riches? If yes, then don’t miss The Treasures of Montezuma 3.

This particular game remains true to the spirit of free Windows 8 games. Gamers begin their pursuit to match various coins set in a puzzle. Each successive match brings up spectacular lightning effects which are a treat to watch. As a result, players are rewarded with points to unlock the higher levels.

The game is split into a total of 160 levels; this is more than what one can ask from a free Windows 8 game. The two modes in Casual and Expert will excite players with respect to their level of expertise. We expect you to pour some sweat over this game to get your hands on the treasure.


Reckless Racing Unlimited for Windows 8

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4. Reckless Racing Unlimited

Racing fans will not be disappointed if they seek their type of game title among free Windows 8 games. Reckless Racing Ultimate is the answer to all your racing game needs. If you are into top-down racing games, this particular title will absolutely consume you.

The game offers a wide selection of cars ranging from from gruesome monster trucks to beautiful muscle cars. Players can choose their favorite tracks to race on and modify their cars the way they please. Win races to unlock upgrades, which help you customize the cars parked in your garage.

Moreover, players can also choose to go solo or challenge a friend in a race with the multiple racing options available. The environments are inviting and the driving mechanics are absolutely amazing. We feel that these are good enough reasons to get you in the app store and download Reckless Racing Unlimited.


Gunstringer for Windows 8

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5. Gunstringer: Dead Man Running

Gunstringer managed to impress as an Xbox 360 Kinect title. Now the Dead Man Running makes a mark on Windows 8 to hunt down anyone who gets in his way. On the Xbox 360, you had to use your full body movements to control him. However, this time around you are only required to use your fingers.

Gunstringer surely adds a lot of variety to free Windows 8 games. Players have to help the gun-wielding dead man to run across the screen and take out the five bad guys he is after. The hunt is not as straightforward as it sounds, as the five men are guarded by many others. What’s next? Gun your way through!

A number of gold coins are scattered all over the place. Players can collect these and upgrade their weapons and unlock power ups to inch closer to their targets. When finished with Story mode, you can always challenge a friend in the game’s Challenge mode and show your friends how it’s done.

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  • Adam Sheikh

    the games that you have to pay for probably have the try before you buy option- it gives you a trial version of the game for free

  • Laura

    I used to play Fruit Ninja on my daughter’s Kindle Fire but she took it back to college. So I installed it on my new laptop. The only down side is that I have to hold down the left button in order for the swipe to work. Is there a setting I can use to play this without the button?

  • Ku Za Paiwanwan