How Other Smartphones Have Inundated The Blackberry Market

How Blackberry is inundated by other smartphones

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There is absolutely no denying the fact that Blackberry’s are still used by millions around the world. However, the figure’s have become increasingly trivial compared to the numbers using other smartphones. There was a time when Blackberry’s were so ingrained in office and business networks that it was impossible to imagine a world without BBM. This clearly did not work out for RIM. While other smartphones cruised over the years, Blackberry continued to struggle to keep up with the growing competition. In what became a rapidly growing, mature smartphones market, Blackberry failed to take off and came crashing down to earth. Here’s how other smartphones have inundated the Blackberry market.


Flexibility trumps Restrictions

Call me Captain obvious, but clearly this was something Blackberry wasnt able to edify. There is a wide population that believed that the Apple iPhone is somewhat restricted in how it operates. Unfortunately, the Blackberry OS has overwhelmed even the iOS in this regard by being extremely restrictive in its operations. Who likes being restricted? Nobody, ofcourse! However, RIM clearly misses the target by limiting users to the extent that operating the Blackberry device becomes rather annoying. Android, on the other hand, continued to prosper and proved to be much more flexible rather than limiting the activities of users. As a result, Blackberry lost a considerable amount of customers that simply refused to be tied down.


Increasing Carrier Support

Android and Apple have been ruling the smartphones industry for a long time now, and it clearly shows in the sales reports over the past few years. With more and more Blackberry RIM customers ditching the dinosaur OS that is Blackberry and switching to other smartphones. The consequence ? carriers have continued to side with the more superior smartphones in Samsung, Apple iPhone, LG and others. After all, carriers have been alert to the fact that an increasing number of Blackberry customers is fleeing in sheer disappointment. The astonishingly high support for smartphones other than Blackberry has, itself, been a telling impression on smartphone users and it has only convinced them more to prefer everything but a Blackberry.


Being Just To The Contributors

Blackberry may very well have given smartphone users the impression that RIM has been a bit too eager to get its hands on the cash. In the process of making good the losses that mount, Blackberry seems to have compromised on compensating all those who are actually putting in heaps of hours into the manufacturing of Blackberry phones. Underpaying contributors indirectly calls for a compromise on standards as contributors may very well give up putting in the necessary effort that makes a device that much more promising to use. This is another area where other smartphone manufacturers have taken the lead and by getting their efforts worth they are able to keep their spirits high.


The Battle Of Market Share

It simply boils down to this- “the fight for market share”. Android and Apple have had the upper hand in the smartphone industry of late. Samsung and Apple iPhone have been in the spotlight, more often than not, when it comes to leading the market for smartphones. While Blackberry continued to nosedive in the market, Samsung and Apple smartphones stamped authority over all the others with enhancing shares every year. Sadly, Blackberry only achieved losses and nothing substantial. A horrid slump to 1 percent of market share for Blackberry simply sums up what has been a nightmarish experience for Blackberry.