The 10 Most Hilarious Apple Burns on the Web

Ripping on the iPhone

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Is it just us? Or is the blogosphere ripping extra hard on the iPhone 5? It seems like everywhere we turn, someone is Photoshopping, Tweeting or blogging something snarky about Apple’s new phone. Is this Apple’s post-suit karma coming back to bite them? Whatever the reason, Apple burns have almost reached meme status. And we’ve compiled some of the best here, because they’re kind of funny.

Et Tu Reuters?

IMHO, Reuters started it with these pictures of Apple employees/hipsters freaking out over the release of the new iPhone 5. And while these pictures are unintentionally hilarious (the best kind of hilarious) they do not help with some of the more colorful Apple fanboy stereotypes. I mean, if there really is a cult of Apple, surely this is its face.


Hipster iPhone 5 Freakout

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This hipster is super excited. Is anyone else imagining a high-pitched squeal emanating from just below his handlebar mustache?


Openly Weeping

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This Apple employee seems to be openly weeping. That’s not crazy at all.


Pop Pop

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Does anyone else here Magnitude saying “pop, pop” when they look at this picture?


This Guy

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This. Is. Spaarta! J/K it’s just the Apple store. Why are we all yelling?


The Fallout

And then the rest of the blogosphere just had a field day.

This Facebook post, posted on the day of the iPhone 5’s release, is one of the sickest Apple fanboy burns we’ve ever heard.


Douche Bags

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And then the maps jokes started rolling in.


Apple Maps

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This one’s funny ’cause it takes a minute. First, look at the picture.

The Apple Master

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Then read the caption: “Apple’s Best Product Yet.” Ouch.


This Reddit image wins because it burns the Dodgers and the iPhone 5 at the same time.

The Dodgers Too

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And here’s another iOS6 burn from Helen Keller who wants to know how you’re enjoying your iPhone 5 maps experience.

Helen Keller

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There are even IRL burns to be had. In Amsterdam, someone super glued a brand new iPhone 5 to the ground. Then they sat back, filmed it and shared it with the rest of the world.


But Samsung definitely takes the cake in the hilarious Apple burning video contest. This video rips on iPhone 5 users in line in every way possible. And it’s so funny, its already gone viral.



The blogosphere can be a cruel, cold place. And Apple users have been getting the brunt of its school-yard jokes as of late. But we want to know what Apple did to deserve such ire.

Is everyone just jumping on the Samsung band wagon? We find that hard to believe. Samsung ripped on Apple last year too. And we all laughed and moved on.

But this year’s burns seem to be sticking. And everyone is getting on the bash Apple bandwagon. We here at want to say that we harbor no ill will towards Apple fanboys. We’ve got unlocked iPhones at special fanboy prices. And we’ll even deliver them right to your door.