Psychic Bloggers Predict all of the iPhone 5’s Secrets

The New iPhone 5

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So, yesterday the big iPhone 5 reveal happened. And — sort of disappointingly — the blogosphere turned out to be right about most of its predictions. The only conclusion that we can draw is that bloggers must be psychic. And we have proof!

What Proof?

Bloggers must be psychic now, because before they developed the gift of foresight, the iPhone’s contents were much harder to predict. Let’s take a look back to the months preceding the original iPhone to see just how hard it was to predict what the iPhone would have when tech writers weren’t quite so clairvoyant.

The Timeline

The world got a whiff that Apple might be breaking into the phone business. Steve Jobs initially denied the rumor, but that didn’t stop the mill from testing out their yet-undeveloped gift of foresight to take some pretty wild guesses at what the iPhone might look like.

Here’s the prediction from 2005:


The 2005 Prediction

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This is Isamu Sanada’s concept. And as you can see, it fails to predict the future. While that flip phone is kind of cute, it doesn’t even come close to predicting Apple’s potential for innovation. The ear buds are spot on, but that’s because they’d already been part of Apple’s line up for the 4 years since the iPod was released.

Mac Rumors Took a Stab in 2006:


The Mac World Prediction

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Here Mac Rumors proved that they were not only not psychic but not very imaginative to boot. This is literally just an iPod with a speaker on the top so that you can hear people talking. On the other hand, if you shrink the play wheel down to a home button and increase the screen…

Here’s Jas Sheera’s 2006 Attempt:


Jas Sheera's Attempt

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Jas Sheera clearly can’t see the future, but we like this prediction the most. In fact, we would have liked to see this at some point if just to get a taste of something different.

But we bet Apple steered clear of this QWERTY model because it looks like the prototype Google “released” to lure Apple into a false sense of security before they ripped off the original iPhone.

Piper Jaffrayis’ Gene Munster also offered his own predictions about the new iPhone a few months before it was released. He suggested that it might have a “radio-transparent cell phone casing”, an “iSight camera” but no video or instant messaging. He may have been seeing some future, but it definitely didn’t unfold here on earth. We don’t have any pictures of Munster’s predictions but we bet they would be hilarious.

When Bloggers Got Their Psychic Powers

The original predictions for the iPhone were so bad because we expected to be wowed. Hopeful bloggers and designers swung for the fences with excitement in anticipation of Apple broadening our concept of what was possible.

But as Apple kept producing models, our predictions got more accurate. It only took a few copycat bodies to realize that Apple had stopped revolutionizing the tech world.

What are You Waiting For?

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But eventually, we got the message: It’s going to be the same handset every time. And with that realization bloggers, tech writers and keynote speakers received their psychic powers. So now we can pull a Carnac the Magnificent, place the card to our collective foreheads and say things like: “I predict the iPhone will be just like the old iPhone, just slightly different in some pretty unexciting way? Maybe it’ll be slightly bigger?” And just like that we can predict the future. And that’s kind of sad.


The Talles iPhone Yet

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