China Reveals the Power of the Cheap Smartphone Revolution

The Super Cheap Smartphone Revolution

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While everyone’s attention has been focused on Samsung and Apple, a new tech giant is emerging in the Far East: and its name is Xiaomi. This Chinese tech company is breaking records with the unprecedented popularity of its new and cheap smartphones for sale. The Mi-One S is selling so fast that it’s probably just a matter of time before one of the world’s most coveted phones invades the rest of the world — and brings cheaper prices with it.

Few Things on Planet Earth Have Sold This Fast

For a while now, we’ve been predicting that the prices of smartphones will bottom out. And manufacturers of cheap smartphones like Xiaomi are proving us right (despite Apple’s protests to the contrary). To stay competitive in a flooded market, they’re offering cheap smartphones like Xiaomi’s Mi-One S: top of the line handsets for bottom of the barrel prices.

And it’s working better than anyone ever dreamed. Last Friday, the Mi-One S went on. And during the first thirty minutes of the sale, the 200,000 available units of the cheapest smartphones sold out. Thirty minutes. That’s over 111 cheap smartphones per second.

And customers are still clamoring for more. Currently, Xiaomi has 1.3 million unitsof  cheap smartphones for sale on backorder. And the phone has only been out for three days. We couldn’t think of a better advertisement with a sales strategy if we had Don Draper on staff.


The Mi-One S in Hand

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What’s the Big Deal?

The specs: the Mi-One S is a $240 handset that packs an impressive number of specs. For example, there’s an incredible dual-core 1.7Ghz processor, 2MP front/8MP rear camera and a heavily-skinned Ice Cream Sandwich-based “MIUI” that purports to revolutionize the Android OS.

And Xiaomi has a history of great phones. The previous Mi-One sold over 3.5 million units making it the third most popular Android in China which is now the world’s largest cellphone market. The Mi-One S has already blown its predecessor out of the water and the tech world is just waiting and watching for Xiaomi’s numbers to continue to soar.

What That Means for Us

While cheap smartphones are already more commonplace than ever, the entry of a tech giant like Xiaomi into the market could seriously shake things up. Companies like Apple aren’t going to last very long with luxury priced phones with manufacturers of cheap smartphones like Xiaomi on the move. And other over-priced handsets will have to come down too. That could mean gloriously cheap smartphones no contract all around…and soon.

And Xiaomi moves fast. Before the Mi-One S even went on sale, Xiaomi introduced the next generation of cheap smartphone: The Mi-Two. It’s a quadcore that runs Jelly Bean. And it’s going at the unheard-of below-cost price of $315 to become one of the cheapest  smartphones . That’s the kind of crazy talk that we like to hear.


Shopping for Cheap Androids

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And Xiaomi has been dropping hints that it is planning to expand soon. The Mi-Two comes out in October which is too soon for hopes of a Western version.

Also, Xiaomi might want to keep this iteration far from Apple’s litigious scope. Right now, the biggest difference between the iPhone and the Mi are the casing color options of the former.

But maybe Xiaomi’s next — originally designed — cheap smartphone will be ours to covet. It may even be cheaper and more spec heavy than the Mi-Two. And when it comes, we’ll be sure to keep you posted on cheap smartphones for sale.