The Super iPhone Sale is Here!

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The new iPhone5 is so close we can taste it. And in anticipation of that release, the Apple Store is doing something unprecedented: they’re offering a sale. You heard us right: the tech giant who’s built its brand on not knowing the meaning of the word “discount” is adopting discount store tactics to get you to buy last generation’s iPhones before the new model comes out.

Price Matching

For the forseeable future, Apple Stores around the world will price match. That means that if you see an iPhone offered at a retailer for cheaper than the price listed at the Apple Store, the Apple Store will match it.

There’s only two catches: you have to make your purchase in the store (not online) and you have to name the retailer and the price specifically. To help you circumvent the second, we’re here to tell you to mention the Sprint price cut by name.

The big US Carrier recently announced a huge iPhone sale: they will cut the 16GB iPhone 4s’ sale price by $50 making it just $149.99. Head to your iPhone store with that information and they too will cut the price of all 4s versions by $50. That means getting the 32GB iPhone 4s sale priced at $249.99, the 64GB iPhone 4S at $349.99 and the 8GB iPhone 4s at just $99.99.

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How Long Can You Wait?

These iPhone sale prices are tempting. But if you wait even longer, you could get an even bigger iPhone discount. The new iPhone 5 sale is scheduled to start on September 21, 2012. If you wait until after the new iPhone model goes on sale, iPhone 4s prices are sure to drop even further.

But the Apple Store is making these iPhone sales so tempting that it can be hard to hold those horses: especially if you’re a student. If you buy before September 21st, you can get in on Apple’s annual back-to-school deal. This year it’s a free $100 gift card to use towards apps. For Apple lover’s, that’s kind of like Sophie’s Choice. What to do, what to do?

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Will You Switch?

Apple thinks it’s crafty, but we know what it’s doing. It’s trying to lure Android customers to the dark side with low, low prices. And we think the iPhone sales might be working.

But we want to hear from you. Can discount prices make you switch from Android to iOS? And if you’re an iOS lover, do you buy now and take advantage of the iPhone sale? Or wait to invest in the still mysterious new option?