3 Great Gifts for the Techno-Geek’s Home

Geek Wedding



So your favorite techno geek has just announced he’s tying the knot. You congratulate him and then wonder what to get for the housewarming gift. After all, he is the guy who sits on milk crates and crashes next to his laptop. Well, we’ve dug up a few fabulous furniture finds to reflect your buddy’s inner (and outer) geek while serving a functional purpose in the home. Check out these wacky and wonderful home furnishing widgets.



The Sony Fusion Computer Coffee Table

Sony Fusion Computer Coffee Table



We are all familiar with the sleek and high tech look of all of Sony’s latest gadgets and computer creations, but furniture? Who knew? Fusing together technology with functional furniture may be Sony’s best idea yet. This attractive, yet highly techy furniture piece doubles as a coffee table and computer station. With just the push of a button located on the side of the table, the device opens up, and out pops a computer screen with a lighted touch screen keyboard.  Once you finish using the computer, simply press the button again and the screen closes, and the computer goes back to being a coffee table. Unbelievable but true. An awesome housewarming gift for anyone who can’t function too far from their favorite tech devices.




Focal’s LOCUS Seat Desk

Focal computer seat desk



Spending too much time hunched over a computer screen can really do a number to your back – and the folks at Focal know it. To handle the problems that come with having to remain seated for an unnaturally long amount of time, Focal has designed a back saving upright computer chair and desk. Designed to keep the body in a half sit half stand position, this allows the user to move about while remaining in a more supportive and comfortable position. This kind of seating also keeps the creative juices flowing by increase oxygen and blood flow for better overall circulation. For more about the Focal Philosophy, make a visit to their website and check out what they are doing in furniture and footwear as well.



Inhabitant’s Binary Circuit Chair

Inhabitant's binary circuit chair



So last but not least, we just had to share this incredibly geeky, yet environmentally friendly, furniture conception – the Binary Circuit Chair. This chair was conceived by Inhabitant, a company devoted to creating innovative and appealing designs which are environmentally smart, leading to longer sustainability of our earth and resources.  When you take a look at the binary circuit chair you will notice that every part of this chair has been created from recycled materials. The cushion covering Inhabitant’s Binary Chair has been woven out of wide computer ribbon cables. The structure of the chair has been constructed from outdated industrial printers and computers which have been disassembled and riveted together. Decorating the sides and back are pieces of motherboards, computer chips, LCD screen and more. Definitely a clever and quirky find for techno geeks who are looking to make a statement about conservation and sustainability in their interior design.

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