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Founded in 2010, GSM Nation is a premium on-line phone retailer and wholesaler with sales over 100 million in four years. We are proud of our roots on the Yale College Campus, our brand, and vendor relationships that span suppliers from Korea to Germany. Today, we sell a wide selection of smartphones, tablets and other wireless accessories to retailers and end-users in the United States, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Australia and  the MiddleEast. Our site hosts the "Savings Calculator" - a wireless plan comparison tool that has helped consumers save thousands of dollars in phone bills by switching to contract-free services. We also provide Customer Support for our devices and full forward and reverse logistics. We pride ourselves on our customer service and earned a 5-star rating from Reseller Ratings with a score of 9.83 out of 10.

GSM Nation was named one of the top 25 most promising companies of 2011 by Bloomberg Businessweek. In 2012, Empact100 named GSM Nation one of the top 100 companies of 2012, and recognized GSM Nation with the ‘Most Disruptive Company’ award during its annual ceremony at The White House. Recently, GSM Nation has been recognized in Entrepreneur and Forbes magazines for the  innovation and the growth the company has delivered over the last four-years while maintaining a lean business structure.

Our aim of offering a secure, transparent, and fun online shopping experience is the reason we are completely open about who we are and where we work and offer more than just customer service—not only can you keep in touch with us 24/7 through a combination of email or phone but, when you call, it doesn’t just have to be about what phone to buy. It can be for tech support, advice on what wireless service to use, or to learn about what how the messy world of wireless service in the US really works. If the gossip is interesting enough, we’ll even listen to you complain about your neighbor.


Ahmed Khattak

CEO and co-founder

Ahmed Khattak is the co-founder and CEO of GSM Nation, LLC. He has an obsession with wireless technology, studied Electrical Engineering and History at Yale University, is an avid squash player and a childhood support of Arsenal FC. As with all CEOs, it is unclear what Ahmed does all day, except that it looks like he is always writing emails. If you want to write him one, feel free to send it to contact@gsmnation.com.

Junaid Shams


Junaid is the co-founder of GSM Nation along with Ahmed Khattak. Junaid is currently in his 4th year of Medical School at George Washington University. Junaid also completed a Bachelor’s in Public Health from GWU. You can get in touch with him at contact@gsmnation.com.

Ahmed Makani

VP Business Development

Ahmed is a passionate entrepreneur. He was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug (and berated by his father) at a tender age of 6 in his father's scarf shop. Legend has it that he made his first sale by giving away an expensive scarf to an old lady at a ridiculously low price. Ahmed has since become wiser but to erase any self doubt he went to Yale (graduating with no less than a magna cum laude with a double distinction and a Phi Beta Kappa to top it all). He is currently pursuing his MBA at Harvard Business School. In between Yale and HBS, Ahmed spent time as an Analyst at Goldman Sachs in New York and later worked as an Associate at Vector Capital, a technology focused private equity firm.

Ahmed spent his most recent summer in the elm city working with fellow Yale alums doing idea generation and product strategy for GSM Nation (a Yale incubated startup). Ahmed has since continued his involvement with GSM Nation performing business development functions. In his spare time, Ahmed loves to agonize over the pathetic performances of the two teams he supports i.e. Pakistan cricket team and Liverpool. His favorite color is blue. He is a friendly guy and if you want to befriend him, shoot him an email at contact@gsmnation.com.

Laura Harrison

Director of Marketing

As Head of Marketing, Laura is responsible for organizing and overseeing GSM Nation's marketing efforts. Laura studied at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, where she completed a double major in Chinese and International Studies. After graduation, Laura moved to China, where she obtained a master's certificate in Chinese from the Hopkins-Nanjing Center. Laura is a big fan of all things food-related, loves all shows on Bravo, and spends a great deal of time throwing weights at CrossFit. As the first female at GSM Nation, Laura is teaching the boys how not to light the office on fire. You can reach Laura at contact@gsmnation.com.

Adnan Khan

Director of Business Development

As the Director of Business Development, Adnan leads the strategy, growth and operations at GSM Nation. He plans and executes a wide range of strategies to meet GSM Nation's organizational objectives. Adnan's journey at GSM Nation has been all about implementing new ideas to leverage mobile applications, devices and services to improve consumers' mobile experience. Currently, Adnan is working closely with Stan in driving the creation of our new Mobile Service. He's a graduate of Williams College, where he studied Economics and Philosophy. Adnan met Ahmed during a trip to Yale University, where in exchange for a night's shelter and Yorkside's lip-smacking buffalo tenders, Adnan had to hand his reins over to Ahmed. Adnan is a passionate squash player. When you don't find him and Ahmed plotting GSM Nation's next moves, you'll find them in the squash courts battling for their inches. You can reach Adnan at contact@gsmnation.com.

Khwaja Arsalan

Head of Customer Service

Arsalan likes to talk; he likes to talk a lot so we obliged. Arsalan heads our customer care and experience. He oversees leading, coaching and supervising staff to provide first rate, customer experiences and is responsible for implementing initiatives and strategies related to creating customer experience excellence. At GSM Nation our passion is driven by a core philosophy of making mobile service convenient, cost effective and uncomplicated and no hour is too late to fulfill customer requirements and no problem without a solution. Arsalan graduated from Rutgers University with majors in Economics and Religion. When not putting out fires, Arsalan may be found avidly talking (again) about sports and watching ESPN from the comfort of his couch.


Sajid Iqbal

Web Designer

Sajid is GSM Nation’s in-house web designer and manages all creative and technical aspects of the website’s front-end. He also assists Enam in developing GSM Nation’s content-management systems and has a BA in Computer Engineering and Design. If you have design and UI suggestions, or just want to thank him for how great the website looks, write to him at contact@gsmnation.com.

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GSM Nation is constantly featured in mainstream media. Some of our press coverage is as follows: